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FIRE SAFETY. MATSE 392/CHEM 393. Steve Mitchell. Fire Prevention Officer Urbana Fire Rescue. Campus Fire Protection is a combined effort. UIUC Division of Environmental Health and Safety Urbana Fire Rescue Champaign Fire Department. EMERGENCY 911 Campus phone 9+911 DEHS

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Fire safety l.jpg


MATSE 392/CHEM 393

Steve mitchell l.jpg

Steve Mitchell

Fire Prevention Officer

Urbana Fire Rescue

Campus fire protection is a combined effort l.jpg

Campus Fire Protection is a combined effort..

  • UIUC Division of Environmental Health and Safety

  • Urbana Fire Rescue

  • Champaign Fire Department

Who to call l.jpg



Campus phone 9+911


Fire Safety Coordinator 333-9711

Fire Extinguishers 333-9701

Urbana Fire Rescue

Campus Fire Prevention Office 244-4309

Champaign Fire Dept.

Fire Prevention 351-4512

Who to Call...

Still not sure who to call to answer your question l.jpg

Still not sure who to call to answer your question...

Call your area Safety Coordinator!

Fire stories l.jpg

Fire Stories???

Why take fire safety classes l.jpg

Why take fire safety classes?

  • 1 out of every 3 people in this room will have an experience with fire in their lifetime

  • Over 4,000 people die each year from fires, over 27,000 are injured

  • A small fire can grow very quickly

  • Education gives you the training needed to make good choices

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Fire prevention concepts l.jpg

Fire Prevention Concepts

  • Prevent Fires from Occurring

  • In case a fire does occur:

  • Make sure everyone can get out

  • Separate the fire/smoke from the occupants

Fire growth l.jpg

Fire Growth

  • This video will show just how fast a fire can grow, how explosive a small fire can become, and how little time you have to react.

Planning ahead l.jpg

Planning ahead

Planning ahead12 l.jpg

Planning Ahead

  • Know your work area

  • Know where your exits are located

  • Know at least two ways out

  • Know the location of fire extinguishers

  • Know the location of fire alarm pull stations

  • Keep your work area safe

  • Have an escape plan!!

Planning ahead13 l.jpg

Planning Ahead


Prevent fires l.jpg

Prevent Fires

Fire prevention l.jpg

Fire Prevention

  • Work safely!

  • Electrical Safety: Frayed and cracked cords, overloaded plugs and circuits, extension cord use.

  • Do not block exits, fire extinguishers, fire alarms

  • Fire Extinguishers should be mounted

  • Keep combustibles from heat sources

Fire prevention16 l.jpg

Fire Prevention

  • Store chemicals and flammable liquids properly

  • Secure gas cylinders

  • Work safely with chemicals

  • Know your emergency procedures

  • Do not allow combustibles to pile up

In case of a fire i ll l.jpg

In case of a fire, I’ll...

In case of a fire i ll24 l.jpg

In case of a fire, I’ll...

  • Notify occupants near the fire area.

  • Activate the fire alarm system.

  • Call, or have someone call 911(9+911).

  • Quickly decide if I can extinguish the fire.

  • If not, Get out, closing all doors between me and the fire.

  • Meet the Fire Department.

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Emergency medical services l.jpg

Emergency Medical Services

Emergency medical services27 l.jpg

Emergency Medical Services

  • 911 dispatcher will ask a few questions so proper response can be dispatched - Emergency Medical Dispatch

  • Response level determined

  • Response for minor injuries will be an Ambulance only.

  • Other injuries will respond both a Fire Unit and an Ambulance

Fire extinguishers l.jpg


P a s s l.jpg


  • P Pull the pin

  • A Aim at the base of the fire

  • S Squeeze the handle

  • S Sweep back and forth

Hands on fire extinguisher training l.jpg

Hands on Fire Extinguisher Training

  • September 4 1 pm – 4pm

  • September 511 am – 1 pm

  • September 6 8 am - 11 am

  • Show up at any time during one of these time blocks, it will only take a few minutes of your time.

  • Location: Fire Station by Engineering Hall

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