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Ihe at europacs
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IHE at EuroPACS. History, aim, organization, events Charles Parisot, GE Medical Systems The radiology workflow and representations in IHE and present and future extensions Nikolaus Wirsz, Siemens Medical Solutions

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Ihe at europacs


  • History, aim, organization, events

    Charles Parisot, GE Medical Systems

  • The radiology workflow and representations in IHE and present and future extensions

    Nikolaus Wirsz, Siemens Medical Solutions

  • Clinical usage of IHE and Integration IntegrationTeri Sippel Schmidt, Mitra/Agfa

  • Presentation of IHE-Demonstrations activities

    Berthold Wein, Department of Diagnostic Radiology Aachen

  • Bringing IHE to real life, where to start and how to implement

    Cor Loef, Philips Medical Systems


Charles parisot ge medical systems information technologies

Charles ParisotGE Medical Systems - Information Technologies

IHE, A Novel ApproachHistory, Aims, Organization, Achievements

Ihe fundamentals

IHE Fundamentals

  • Who is IHE?

  • What is it about?

  • Why is it needed?

  • What’s wrong with DICOM?

  • How does it work?

  • How do I get it?

  • What do they do?

  • What comes out of it?

  • What do I get out of it?

  • Where can I learn more?


What is ihe about

What is IHE about?

  • It’s an initiative promoting and supporting the integration of systems in the healthcare enterprise.

  • Integration Goal: Improve the efficiency and effectiveness of clinical practice by:

    • Improved Information Flow

    • Advanced Multi-System Functions


Why is ihe needed

Why is IHE needed?

  • Serious Integration Challenges in Healthcare:

    • Systems need Information other systems have

    • But, systems communicate poorly or not at all

  • Result: - tedious, inefficient workflows - data that is inconsistent or unavailable

  • Responsibility for information flow between systems, and between departments, is often unclear.


Who is ihe

Who is IHE?

  • Participants:

    • Professional Societies (EAR/ECR/RSNA/HIMSS/…)

    • Vendors (over 30 companies)

  • Users sponsor IHE to provide a neutral forum for working on the Big Picture


What does ihe do

What Does IHE Do?

  • Users and vendors work together to identify and design solutions for integration problems

  • Intensive process with annual cycles:

    • Identify key healthcare workflows and integration problems

    • Research & select standards to specify a solution

    • Write, review and publish IHE Technical Framework

    • Perform cross-testing at “Connectathon”

    • Demonstrations at tradeshows (DRG, JFR, SIRM, RSNA, HIMSS)


Aren t dicom hl7 sufficient

Aren’t DICOM / HL7 Sufficient?

  • Standards are vital (HL7, DICOM, ICD, …)

    • They provide tools & technologies

  • But Standards alone are not sufficient

    • They allow for optional variations

    • They avoid specifying how to apply them to particular real world scenarios

    • They each focus on one transaction. When chaining transactions between multiple systems gaps appear.


How established is ihe

How Established is IHE?

  • Year 1 (1999):Proof of Concept(Basic Scheduled Workflow)

  • Year 2 (2000): Introduction of the 7 Profiles(Full Featured)

  • Year 3 (2001): Consolidation, Catch-up (Real Products)Expansion to France

  • Year 4 (2002): 3 New ProfilesExpansion to Japan, Germany

  • Year 5 (2003): New ProfilesExpansion to Lab, Pathology, Cardiology…?


Ihe in europe why

IHE in Europe – Why ?

  • To address european based information systems vendors (RIS, HIS)

  • To provide information to and get feedback from European healthcare providers.

  • To facilitate european influence in the IHE and avoid local european solutions if global solutions are adequate

  • European market is different, national focus, country specifics


Ihe in europe how

IHE in Europe – How?

  • Sponsors:

    • EAR/ECR


    • COCIR (Vendors)

  • IHE-Europe Committee operational since may 2000

  • National chapters in France, Germany, Italy, UK.

  • 5 demonstrations in 2001-2002, 33 vendors.


What does ihe cover

What does IHE cover?

  • Currently focused in Radiology

  • A robust technical output, a dynamic process, now adopted world-wide.

  • Systems include:

    • HIS, RIS

    • Modalities: MR, CT, US, CR, DX, …

    • PACS, Review Stations, Reporting Systems

    • Hardcopy Printers


How do i benefit

How do I benefit?

  • Clinical Users

    • Greater access to more consistent information

    • Fewer errors, fewer tedious tasks

  • Buyers

    • Specify/purchase integration capabilities easily

    • Freedom to acquire “Best of Breed” systems

  • IT Professionals

    • Faster, more predictable integration projects

  • Administrators

    • Increased throughput

    • Better scheduling and tracking


How do i get ihe

How Do I Get IHE?

  • IHE is not a product;it is a software feature or upgrade

  • Talk to your vendors; ask what IHE Actors and Integration Profiles they support

  • Request support of specific Actors/Integration Profiles in RFPs for clinical systems


Ihe a culture change

IHE, A culture change….

A new dimension in the relationshipbetween users and vendors

This is what it takes to turn Healthcare IT standards in reality !


Where can i learn more

Where can I learn more?

  • www.ihe-europe.org

  • www.rsna.org/IHE

  • Brochures and reprints:

    • IHE Integration Profiles; The IHE FAQ

    • IHE Fundamentals, Purchasing Strategies, IHE Primer

    • IHE Integration Checklist, Connectathon Results

  • IHE Technical Framework (V 5.3)


Ihe at europacs



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