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Leadership. BTE363/364. When I Become a Teacher. What is the Definition of Leadership?. Leadership Quotes. Dictator. Maintains distant and stringent relationship with students No room for group discussions Creative thinking is not encouraged Skill and drill

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  • Maintains distant and stringent relationship with students

  • No room for group discussions

  • Creative thinking is not encouraged

  • Skill and drill

  • Students more likely to rebel, complain, and misbehave

Free spirit
Free Spirit

  • Teacher wants to be buddies with students

  • Students are given free rein and often control direction of lesson

  • Teacher may be unorganized and unprepared

  • When students are off task, teacher gets angry


  • Teacher sets limits and clearly communicates expectations

  • Personal choice and group discussions are daily occurrences

  • Teacher expects rules to be followed; consequences are consistent when behavior is inappropriate

  • Student-centered but guidelines are given

More thoughts on leadership
More Thoughts on Leadership

  • Any member of a group may become a leader

    • The teacher is not necessarily the leader

  • Various leadership actions may be provided by different group members

    • Teacher may decide to share various aspects of leadership with class members

Groups that function effectively
Groups that Function Effectively

  • Leadership tasks are shared among group members

  • If you want students to play some of the leadership roles

    • You must give them permission to do so.

    • You must give students guidance.

What happens when teachers neglect leadership
What Happens When Teachers Neglect Leadership

  • Student may elect to play informal (and frequently inappropriate) leadership roles in the classroom

Leadership skills
Leadership Skills

  • Flexible behavior

  • Ability to diagnose what behaviors are needed for the group to function most efficiently

  • Ability to fulfill these behaviors or get other members to fulfill them


  • Be clear & unambiguous

  • Make messages complete & specific

  • Make verbal & nonverbal messages agree

  • Ask for feedback

  • Display openness; maintain eye contact

  • Listen

  • Paraphrase accurately and nonevaluatively

  • Listen beyond words

  • Listen for requests & intentions in others’ message, particularly in complaints

Build maintain trust
Build & Maintain Trust

  • Acceptance & support are essential

    • Acceptance is communicating to others that you have high regard for them

    • Support is communicating to others that you recognize their strengths


“I do not need to establish a deep, lasting, time-consuming personal relationship with every student. What I must do is to be totally and nonselectively present to the student—to each student—as he addresses me. The time interval may be brief but the encounter is total.

~ NelNoddings, Caring: A Feminist Approach to Ethics and Moral Education

Manage conflict
Manage Conflict

  • Understand point-of-view of other group members

  • Approach controversy from problem-solving perspective; try to accommodate needs of all group members

  • Be critical of ideas, not persons