Henry s freedom box
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Henry’s Freedom Box PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Links to Resources : Beginning of Slavery in America Map Free vs. Slave States Map of Slave Populations Underground Railroad Slave Narratives Slavery Photographs Timeline of African American History. Henry’s Freedom Box .

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Henry’s Freedom Box

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Links to Resources:

Beginning of Slavery in America

Map Free vs. Slave States

Map of Slave Populations

Underground Railroad

Slave Narratives

Slavery Photographs

Timeline of African American History

Henry’s Freedom Box

Objective: Students will examine and contrast the Northern States and the Southern States involvement in and issues with slavery before the Civil War.

Book Summary: The life of Henry “Box” Brown is told in this story. He was born a slave a lost everyone he loved during slave trades. He decided to mail himself in a box to the North so he could be free.

Setting: America in the Mid-1800’s. Starting in the South and traveling to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Author: Ellen Levine

Illustrator: Kadir Nelson

Henry’s Freedom Box

New York, Scholastic Press 2007

Rachel Webster-Winthrop University- October 2010

Would you send yourself in a box to escape slavery?

Photo from: http://loc.gov/pictures/item/98504563/

  • Activity:

  • Pretend you are a slave. List the pros and cons of using the Underground Railroad to secretly escape from slavery. Then using the list to write at least two paragraphs explaining why you would or would not try to escape.

Photo from: http://loc.gov/pictures/item/2004665363/

How would you represent the need for freedom for all slaves?

  • Activity

  • Imagine you are a free man in the Northern part of the United States during the slavery time period. Create an advertisement to free the slaves. Include a visual, a slogan(catchy saying), and 2-3 facts about slavery.

Photos from: http://memory.loc.gov/cgi-bin/query/D?rbaapcbib:2:./temp/~ammem_iInc::

What was slavery like?


  • Well, my hammer, (hammer ring) Got a ten-pound hammer, (hammer ring)

  • Cap'n went to Houston, (hammer ring) To git me a hammer, (hammer ring)

  • Way down in de bottom, (hammer ring) Hew out de live oak, (hammer ring)

  • Son, you got fever, (hammer ring) (2)

  • Said, come here, nigger, (hammer ring) Don't you see you got fever? (hammer ring)

  • Oh, sergeant . . . .

  • Ain't got no fever.. . . . . Better get to rollin'. . . . . gonna hang you.

  • Oh, cap'n.. Hammer am a ringin'

  • Ringing for de captain, Rignin' for de sergeant.

  • What de matter wid my pardner? Oh, my hammer, (hammer ring) Way down in the timber.

  • I'm goin' to Austin, (hammer ring) Have a talk wid de Gov'nor.

  • I heard dat sergeant

  • Talkin' to Marble Eye.

  • Activity

  • Write the words to a slave work song. You are a slave and work out on the field or in the factory and sing this song everyday.



Link from LOC: http://memory.loc.gov/cgi-bin/query/r?ammem/lomax:@field(DOCID+st0012)


  • NCSS: II. Time, Continuity, and Change

  • South Carolina Standard 4-6: The student will demonstrate an understanding of the Civil War and its impact on America.

    • 4-6.3: Explain how specific events and issues led to the Civil War, including the sectionalism fueled by issues of slavery in the territories.

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