Explaining and paraphrasing
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Explaining and Paraphrasing. Advanced Class The Warehouse Madrid. which basically/simply/just means…. Rajoy said that Spain as of this moment is in no need of help from the Europen Union, which basically means that he’ll ask for the loan at a later date.

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Explaining and Paraphrasing

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Explaining and Paraphrasing

Advanced Class

The Warehouse Madrid

which basically/simply/just means…

  • Rajoy said that Spain as of this moment is in no need of help from the Europen Union, which basically means that he’ll ask for the loan at a later date.

  • She said she wasn’t ready to start seeing anybody right now, which simply means she’s not ready to start seeing ME right now.

  • He said he couldn’t commit to a long-term relationship which simply means we aren’t exclusive.

and what it/this/that means is…

  • We are going to take a bailout from Germany and what that means is our grandchildren will have to pay back what we borrow.

  • The green grocer next door is going out of business. What this means for us is less foot traffic passing by our door.

  • John and Julie are “divorcing amicably”. What it means is that neither one holds a grudge against the other.

what I mean by that is…

  • I can’t want to take you to work anymore. What I mean by that is you have to find yourself another way to get to work.

  • I don’t find John attractive. What I mean by that is he’s got two teeth missing and bad breath; he’s not my type of guy.

by which I mean

  • I love the U.S. By which I mean I love visiting the States, not living there.

what I’m trying to say is…

  • John, we feel that your work in this company has reached its full potential. What I’m trying to say is, you’re fired.

  • I prefer chocolate to vanilla. You know what I mean? I take my coffee black…What I’m trying to say I like black men over white men.

which is to say

  • John works on his time management skills once a year, which is to say, never.

  • Jenny prefer going out to bars with just her girlfriends, which is to say she likes going to bars with females so men by her drinks.

to put it simply

  • Ann: Do you want me to stay with the company?

  • Jerry: Well, we think your time here at Dunder Mifflin has run its course. We think we’re limiting your professional potential here.

  • Ann: Do you want me to stay or not?

  • Jerry: To put it simply, no.

that is to say…

  • Ann only starts working when she’s done talking to all her friends on facebook, wassup, and twitten, that is to say, at 5:00 PM when it’s time to go home.

or to put it another way

  • Aunt Flo came to visit her, or to put it another way, she got her period.

in other words

  • This morning the government announced that foreigners who have 160,000 can buy a house in Spain and therefore be granted residency. In other words, everyone in the world has “derecho a techo” in Spain except actual citizens of Spain.

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