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PRESENTATION SKILLS. Out of the top 10 human fears Number 1 is Public Speaking Second being death. Feeling Nervous?. Lack of experience Lack of preparation Lack of enthusiasm Negative self-talk. It is not sufficient to know what one ought to say;

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Feeling nervous
Feeling Nervous?

  • Lack of experience

  • Lack of preparation

  • Lack of enthusiasm

  • Negative self-talk

It is not sufficient to know what one ought to say;

one must also know how to say it

……. Aristotle


Systematic manner of presenting information, ideas, arguments, facts with the objective of informing, influencing, persuading, educating, entertaining & motivating people.

4 - Ps

Steps in giving presentation 4 ps
Steps in Giving Presentation4 Ps

  • Plan

    2. Prepare

    3. Practice

    4. Present

4 ps to presentation
4 Ps to Presentation

Defining Objectives (WHY)


Understanding the Audience (WHO)

PREPARE – Developing the Message (WHAT)


Visual Aids


PRACTICE – Rehearsing (HOW)



  • Why is it Important?

  • What is the Purpose?

  • What is the Outcome?

Defining Objectives (WHY)

Understanding the Audience (WHO)


  • What are the need, issues, concerns ?

  • What topics should be emphasized?

  • If they resist, what would be the reason?

  • What are their feelings towards me, my subjects?

  • What are their expectations?

Know Your Audience

  • Age

  • Background

  • Number of Participants

  • Role

  • Experience / Expertise

  • Local / Global

  • Requirement/s (What do they look forward from the Presentation

    “Success depends upon on your ability to reach your audience”

Structuring the presentation

2 to 3 mins --- opening/beginning

15 to 20 mins--- middle section

2 to 3 mins --- closing/end

Speaker s 3 friends
Speaker’s 3 friends

1. Personal Notes

2. Visuals

3. Handouts


  • There should be a logical sequence in the points to be discussed in the presentation

  • It Should be perfectly point wise instead of running lines of text

  • The points should be as clear as possible

  • Usages of heavy jargon /s should be avoided.

  • The points should be easy to understand by all

  • Use examples to help participants to relate to the topic

  • Use powerful and sequenced visual aids (if relevant)


Income from other source

Profit and Gain from Business or Profession

Visual Aids

Visuals are powerful tools and should be used because they:

  • Increase understanding

  • Save time

  • Enhance attention

  • Promote attentiveness

  • Help control nervousness

PRACTICE – Rehearsing (HOW)

  • Speak in front of mirror

  • Throw your voice – loud and listen to it

  • Record your voice on an audio tape and play back

  • Give a Video shoot of yourself done – this is how the audience see you

  • Do a dry run with a handpicked audience

Body Language

  • Eye contact

  • Stand erect

  • Do not point at a participant

  • Do not move too frequently

  • Manage your hands


  • Limit the number of aids you use

  • Use it as an aid only

  • Be comfortable in using the aid

  • Keep your visual aids in a position of maximum visibility

  • Use the pointer to point, not accuse

  • If using an OHP or slide projector, put it “on” only for the duration for which it is required


  • Put excessive information

  • Face the visual aid while using it

  • Try to talk and write at the same time

  • Stand infront of the visual aid

  • Leave blank illuminated screens, they cause distractions


A few Tips

  • Always stand facing the audience

  • Stand in a central position

  • While using charts and boards stand to a side without blocking them

  • Avoid stepping between the screen and the projector


A few Tips

  • Maintain appropriate social distance

  • Use non- threatening body - language


A few Tips

  • Maintain appropriate social distance

  • Use non- threatening body - language