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CHAPTER 26. An Age of Democracy and Progress. Rise of Democracy. The living and working conditions that resulted from the Industrial Revolution led to cries for reform. Bloody revolutions in France frightened the P arliament in England enough to extend suffrage to more and more groups.

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An Age of Democracy and Progress

Rise of Democracy

  • The living and working conditions that resulted from the Industrial Revolution led to cries for reform.

  • Bloody revolutions in France frightened the Parliamentin England enough to extend suffrageto more and more groups.

  • As this happened England became more and more of a democracy.

  • While it took time and the efforts of many eventually suffragewas even extended to women.

The Third Republic

  • The lack of political stability in France continued in France after the Franco-Prussian War.

  • Finally in 1875 the National Assembly voted to establish a republic (called The Third Republic) which lasted for 60 years.


  • While other groups such as the Italians and the Germans had unifiedand created new nations, Jewish people were spread throughout Europe.

  • Almost everywhere they went they faced discriminationcalled Anti-Semitismby Christians who viewed them as the murderers of Jesus.

  • Various incidents of discrimination and mob-violence against Jews around Europe inspired journalist Theodor Herzl to write a book called “On the Jewish State”.

  • In his book he urged Jews to create an independent Jewish state in Palestinewhere their people had originated.

  • This movement became known as Zionism.

2012 London Olympics Logo:Does it spell out Zion?

Gradual Independence from Great Britain

  • By the 1800s Great Britain had settled coloniesall over the world.

  • The same feelings that led to the expansion of suffragein England drove people in these colonies to want more say in the way their colonies were run.

  • In the cases of Canada, Australia and New Zealand they became dominionsof Great Britain.

  • This meant they could rule themselves yet remain in the British Empire.


  • The British had expanded into Irelandin the 1100s.

  • The Irish has their own culture distinct from the British including their Catholicism.

  • Protestantsfrom England moved mostly into Northern Ireland while the Southremain Catholic.

  • These people fought for self-rulefor many years.

The Great Famine

  • As they pushed for greater self-ruletragedy struck the nation.

  • In the 1840s a plant fungus ruined nearly all of Irelands potato crop.

  • The Irish depended on potatoesas their primary source of food so the crop failure led to what became called the Great Potato Famine.

  • Over 1 million of Irelands 8 million people starvedto death and another million fled the country.

  • Most immigratedinto America in search of jobs and a better life.

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