Archaeology of egypt group the new kingdom
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Archaeology of Egypt Group: The New Kingdom. Group members: Linda, Annette, Gene, and William. 1.Understanding Egypt with Archaeological Finds of  Ancient Egypt. The Rosetta Stone. Rosetta Stone. - stone with writing on it - two languages  - three types of writing - carved in 196 B.C.

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Archaeology of egypt group the new kingdom

Archaeology of EgyptGroup: The New Kingdom

Group members: Linda, Annette, Gene, and William

The rosetta stone
The Rosetta Stone

Rosetta Stone

- stone with writing on it

- two languages 

- three types of writing

- carved in 196 B.C.

- found in 1799 at Rosetta

- located in British Museum

Credits to:jbparker

King Tutankhamun's (Tut's) Tomb

King Tut's Tomb

- undiscovered for 3,000 years

- in Valley of the Kings

- small compared to others

Credits to:MizieB

Great Pyramid of Giza

Pyramid of Giza

- one of the biggest pyramids in the world

- 450 feet high

- 756 feet long

- in Giza, Egypt

Credits to: Emily Whale


Sphinxes Modern Societies

Sphinx of Hatshepsut

- believed to protect Egypt

- Sphinx of Hatshepsut

- next to Pyramid of Giza

Credits to: dmalantic


Obelisk in Karnak temple Modern Societies


- monuments

- written in hieroglyphics

Credits to: cheesy42

Papyrus Modern Societies


- thick paper-like 


- made by pith of 

papyrus plant

Credits to: Ian W Scott

Hieroglyphics Modern Societies

Hieroglyphics on the wall in a Egyptian temple

- Egyptian writing 


- one of the world's 


writing systems

Credits to: Jamie Jermain


Jewelry Modern Societies

Eye of Horus

- famous for amulets

- meant to protect the owner from evil khefts

- popular one is the Eye of Horus.

- another popular one is the head of Isis.

Credits to: suzuran2008


Paintings Modern Societies

Ancient Egyptian wall

- everywhere in Egypt

- in pharaoh's temple

- in pharaoh's tomb

Credits to:ggnyc


Pyramids Modern Societies

Pyramid of Giza

- gigantic monument

- pharaohs buried inside

- famous one is Pyramid of Giza

Credits to:dustinkeirstead

3. We have a lot of things left from  Modern Societies

Ancient Egypt...

Egyptian Entertainment Modern Societies

playing instruments

- music for Pharaoh

- hunt hippos with professionals

As found:here

Amulets Modern Societies


- bring protection

- believed to bring

good luck

Credits to:pjen

Physical Appearances Modern Societies

Perfume and Cosmetics

- cosmetics

- perfume

- body oil

As found: here

Bibliography Modern Societies

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July 2001.

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