The Plural Executive of Georgia

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The Governor of Georgia. The governor shares power with elected officials such as:Lt. GovernorSecretary of StateAttorney GeneralState School SuperintendentCommissioners of Agriculture, Insurance,

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The Plural Executive of Georgia

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1. The Plural Executive of Georgia Chapter 5

2. The Governor of Georgia The governor shares power with elected officials such as: Lt. Governor Secretary of State Attorney General State School Superintendent Commissioners of Agriculture, Insurance, & Labor

3. The Governor of Georgia Other boards and commissions he has to deal with include: Public Service Commission State Transportation Board State Board of Pardons and Paroles State Personnel Board Veterans Service Board Board of Natural Resources

4. The Governor of Georgia Powers and roles of the governor: Head of State Commander of the military and law enforcement arms of the state, the State Patrol and the National Guard Convenes special sessions Setting the agenda Initiating the budget Vetoing legislative bills

5. The Governor of Georgia Powers and roles of the governor: Appoints administrative officials. Is the top bureaucrat Ensures that laws are faithfully executed Qualifications: Two 4-year terms Citizen of the United States for at least 15 years Legal residents of the state for at least 6 years prior to election At least 30 years old when assuming office

6. The Lieutenant Governor Created in the 1945 Constitution Replaces the Governor temporarily if he is temporarily disabled. Becomes Governor if he dies or resigns until a new governor is selected at the next general election. President of the Senate. Elected

7. Other Executives Attorney General Legal advisor of the Dept. of Law Represents the state in the State Supreme Court Performs other legal duties as may be required Has to be an active-status member of the State Bar of Georgia for seven years Elected

8. Other Executives State School Superintendent 16 states elect their superintendent Elected Members of Georgia State Board of Regents Appointed by the governor Seven year terms No line-item budget

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