Sem1 1 03 a professional development
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SEM1 1.03 A - Professional Development. PE - Acquire information about the Sport & Event Industry to aid in Career Choices. PI – Explain career opportunities in sport/event marketing. Define: Entertainment Marketing.

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Sem1 1 03 a professional development
SEM1 1.03A - Professional Development

  • PE - Acquire information about the Sport & Event Industry to aid in Career Choices

  • PI – Explain career opportunities in sport/event marketing

Define entertainment marketing
Define: Entertainment Marketing

  • The use of entertainment to develop, promote, price and distribute goods and services to satisfy the wants and needs of customers.

Define event marketing
Define: Event Marketing

  • Designing and developing a live-themed activity, occasion, display or exhibit

    • a sports game, music festival, or concert

    • promote a product, cause, or organization.

  • Produced and consumed at the same time

  • Unique experience: for each participant or spectator

Distinguish between sport marketing and event marketing
Distinguish between Sport Marketing and Event Marketing.

  • Sports Marketing:

  • the involvement of sports to develop, promote and distribute goods and/or services to satisfy the needs and wants of consumers

  • Entertainment Marketing:

  • involves entertainment to develop, promote, and distribute goods and/or services to satisfy the wants and needs of customers.

  • Event Marketing:

  • the designing or developing a “live” themed activity, occasion, display or exhibit (such as a sports, music festival, fair or concert)to promote a product, cause, or organization.

Sports marketing
Sports Marketing


Sports Services






High School




Licensed Merchandise

Event marketing
Event Marketing



Celebrity Appearances



Movie Premiers

Record Releases



Video Game Premiers






Charity Events

Restaurant Openings

Grand Openings

State Fair


Sporting Events


Awards Shows


Book Signings


Identify types of businesses that offer careers in sports event marketing
Identify Types of Businesses that offer Careers in Sports/Event Marketing

  • Teams

  • Venues

  • Sports Agencies

  • Parks & Rec Departments

  • Private Businesses

  • Sporting Goods Industry

  • Technology

  • Media

  • News Industry

  • Event Planning

  • Fitness Industry

  • Agents

  • Marketing

  • Public Relations

  • Charities

  • Convention and Visitors

  • Hospitality Services

  • And many, many more….

Explain why jobs in sport event marketing provide career p otential
Explain Sports/Event Marketingwhy jobs in Sport/Event Marketing provide Career Potential

  • Number of fields

  • Broad opportunities

  • Good for many different talents and interests

  • Growing interests in most sectors

  • People find sports or entertainment careers very engaging

Discuss personal traits needed for success in sport event marketing
Discuss Personal Traits Sports/Event Marketingneeded for success in Sport/Event Marketing

  • Competitiveness

  • Positive attitude

  • Problem Solving

  • Detail Oriented

  • Leadership

  • Creativity

  • Adaptability

  • Negotiation Skills

  • Flexibility

  • Time Management

  • Able to work under pressure

  • Multitasking ability

  • Initiative

Explain training needed for careers in sport event marketing
Explain Training Sports/Event Marketingneeded for careers in Sport/Event Marketing

  • Firm educational background

    • Marketing

    • Business

    • Communications/Social Media

    • Liberal Arts

  • Volunteer experiences & Internships

Marketing careers
Marketing Careers: Sports/Event Marketing

  • Advertising – Design and create advertisements Online, Radio, TV, Print Media, and Social Media

  • Sales Promotion – Create and organize interesting promotions to stimulate sales

    • Mascot races, t-shirt cannons,

      give-aways, autograph signings

Marketing careers1
Marketing Careers: Sports/Event Marketing

  • Ticket sales

    • Box office, online, and phone sales

    • Direct – Sold to fans and consumers

    • Corporate – Sold to businesses

    • Group – Sold at discount in large quantities

    • Season Tickets – Multi-game or entire seasons

  • Ticket management –

    • Manage ticket sales staff

    • Pricing, distribution, logistics, and sales records

Marketing careers2
Marketing Careers: Sports/Event Marketing

  • Market research –

  • Identify consumer wants and needs

  • Surveys, Forums, Focus groups

  • Analyze consumer opinions about products

  • Merchandising –Sales of team merchandise

    • Responsible for licensing

      • (authority to use logo and name)

    • Investigate Trademark Fraud

  • Marketing careers3
    Marketing Careers: Sports/Event Marketing

    • Public Relations –

    • Manage information from the organization and present to public

      • Answering consumer questions

    • Community relations – Public relations within the community to enhance team image

      • Community outreach, Charity Events and Appearances

  • Media relations – Manage information and relations with the Media (Press)

    • Press Releases, Press Kits,

      Social Media Releases

      and Press Conferences

  • Marketing careers4
    Marketing Careers: Sports/Event Marketing

    • Event planner – Coordinates all event aspects

    • Hospitality manager – Coordinates business clients and consumer hospitality

      • Travel and Lodging for teams, entertainers, and guests

    • Volunteer/vendor coordinator

      - Recruits volunteers to work

      events and works with

      vendors (Suppliers)

    Marketing careers5
    Marketing Careers: Sports/Event Marketing

    • Sponsorship manager – finding business partners with the same target market

      • Extremely important in event marketing

      • Sponsorships help pay for events

    • Marketing director – Manages all aspects of the marketing department