Strabismus checking system
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Strabismus Checking System PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Strabismus Checking System. Application Design Document. The Team: Lior Barak Omri Mosseri. Functional Requirements. Examination of patients Returning deviation angle from a video segment or an image Adding results to a patient. Functional Requirements – cont. GUI User management

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Strabismus Checking System

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Strabismus Checking System

Application Design Document

The Team:

Lior Barak

Omri Mosseri

Functional Requirements

  • Examination of patients

    • Returning deviation angle from a video segment or an image

    • Adding results to a patient

Functional Requirements – cont.

  • GUI

  • User management

    • Adding a user

    • Handling permissions

      • Login

      • Logout

      • Restricting functionality to authorized users

Functional requirement – cont.

  • Patients Management

    • Adding a patient

    • Updating details

    • Viewing patient medical history

      • Results from each examination

      • Treatment history

      • Progress graph

Functional requirement – cont.

  • Database

    • Handling database actions

    • saving backups for patients data (automatic and manual)





Main classes and their relationships


Medical Package

Analysis Package

PatientManagment Package

Patient Package

System Package

User Interface

Main screen – for Doctor

Examine video

View Patient Record


Patient Record

Patient - ID:______name:_______

View Patient Medical History

Add new treatment

View Patient Treatment History

Back to main menu





Patient Treatment History

For Patient - ID:name:

Treatment history

Treatment form information of date (xxxx)

21/5/06 12:20

17/3/06 11:00

10/8/99 12:12

Back to patient main screen

Treatment form

For Patient - ID:name:

Patient complaints

General health

General health

Blood pressure


Add Examination


Examination results

Doctor remarks



Save Form

Examination Form

Browse file





Save Results

Analysis Form

Main screen – for secretary

Add Patient

Edit Patient Details


Add/Edit Patient Form



Date of birth


Phone number


Insurance company

Insurance type


Add/Save Patient

Main screen – for Admin

Add User

Edit User Profile

Change Password

Manual Backup



  • Analysis Package

    • Test Detectors (Face, Eye, Pupil, Flash)

      • Insert frames expect to get the right detected region

    • StrabismusCalc

      • Insert flash and pupil expect to get the right deviation

    • FrameProcessor

      • Insert image, expect to get the right result with correct deviation angle.

Testing - cont.

  • Analysis Package – cont.

    • ResultCalc

      • Insert some strabismus results expect to get the right final result.

    • Analyzer

      • Insert image or video expect to get the right deviation

Testing - cont.

  • Patient management

    • Test patients addition and edition

    • Test treatment and examination addition

  • User management

    • Test addition and edition of users

    • Test login

  • Data access

    • Test the access to the database

Testing - cont.

  • Black-box testing

    • Gui testing

    • Performance Testing

    • Testing of the Use-cases

Task List

  • Learn the basics of image processing

    • Install and work with image processing tools

  • For each Detector (Bottom->Up)

    • Study the area

    • Try several methods

      • Install related packages if needed

    • Implement the most suitable method for our needs and modify it if needed.

Task List – cont.

  • Integrate the detectors into one working module

    • Make changes accordingly

  • Integrate between C++ module and Java module.

  • finish the prototype

    • GUI and controllers implementation

Task List – cont.

  • Write the medical module

  • Write the patient management unit

  • Write the system module

  • Testing the system

  • Create installation and manuals


  • Login