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Strabismus checking system
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Strabismus Checking System. Application Design Document. The Team: Lior Barak Omri Mosseri. Functional Requirements. Examination of patients Returning deviation angle from a video segment or an image Adding results to a patient. Functional Requirements – cont. GUI User management

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Strabismus Checking System

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Strabismus checking system

Strabismus Checking System

Application Design Document

The Team:

Lior Barak

Omri Mosseri

Functional requirements

Functional Requirements

  • Examination of patients

    • Returning deviation angle from a video segment or an image

    • Adding results to a patient

Functional requirements cont

Functional Requirements – cont.

  • GUI

  • User management

    • Adding a user

    • Handling permissions

      • Login

      • Logout

      • Restricting functionality to authorized users

Functional requirement cont

Functional requirement – cont.

  • Patients Management

    • Adding a patient

    • Updating details

    • Viewing patient medical history

      • Results from each examination

      • Treatment history

      • Progress graph

Functional requirement cont1

Functional requirement – cont.

  • Database

    • Handling database actions

    • saving backups for patients data (automatic and manual)





Data base


Strabismus checking system

Main classes and their relationships

Package diagram


Medical package

Medical Package

Analysis package

Analysis Package

Patientmanagment package

PatientManagment Package

Patient package

Patient Package

System package

System Package

Strabismus checking system

User Interface

Strabismus checking system

Main screen – for Doctor

Examine video

View Patient Record


Strabismus checking system

Patient Record

Patient - ID:______name:_______

View Patient Medical History

Add new treatment

View Patient Treatment History

Back to main menu

Strabismus checking system





Patient Treatment History

For Patient - ID:name:

Treatment history

Treatment form information of date (xxxx)

21/5/06 12:20

17/3/06 11:00

10/8/99 12:12

Back to patient main screen

Strabismus checking system

Treatment form

For Patient - ID:name:

Patient complaints

General health

General health

Blood pressure


Add Examination


Examination results

Doctor remarks



Save Form

Strabismus checking system

Examination Form

Browse file





Save Results

Strabismus checking system

Analysis Form

Strabismus checking system

Main screen – for secretary

Add Patient

Edit Patient Details


Strabismus checking system

Add/Edit Patient Form



Date of birth


Phone number


Insurance company

Insurance type


Add/Save Patient

Strabismus checking system

Main screen – for Admin

Add User

Edit User Profile

Change Password

Manual Backup




  • Analysis Package

    • Test Detectors (Face, Eye, Pupil, Flash)

      • Insert frames expect to get the right detected region

    • StrabismusCalc

      • Insert flash and pupil expect to get the right deviation

    • FrameProcessor

      • Insert image, expect to get the right result with correct deviation angle.

Testing cont

Testing - cont.

  • Analysis Package – cont.

    • ResultCalc

      • Insert some strabismus results expect to get the right final result.

    • Analyzer

      • Insert image or video expect to get the right deviation

Testing cont1

Testing - cont.

  • Patient management

    • Test patients addition and edition

    • Test treatment and examination addition

  • User management

    • Test addition and edition of users

    • Test login

  • Data access

    • Test the access to the database

Testing cont2

Testing - cont.

  • Black-box testing

    • Gui testing

    • Performance Testing

    • Testing of the Use-cases

Task list

Task List

  • Learn the basics of image processing

    • Install and work with image processing tools

  • For each Detector (Bottom->Up)

    • Study the area

    • Try several methods

      • Install related packages if needed

    • Implement the most suitable method for our needs and modify it if needed.

Task list cont

Task List – cont.

  • Integrate the detectors into one working module

    • Make changes accordingly

  • Integrate between C++ module and Java module.

  • finish the prototype

    • GUI and controllers implementation

Task list cont1

Task List – cont.

  • Write the medical module

  • Write the patient management unit

  • Write the system module

  • Testing the system

  • Create installation and manuals

Strabismus checking system


  • Login