What s the connection
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What’s the connection? PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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What’s the connection?. Can you think of the famous quotes that match this image?. The Big Question. How relevant is William Shakespeare to Modern English?. What do you think about William Shakespeare?.

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What’s the connection?

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What’s the connection?

Can you think of the famous quotes that match this image?

The Big Question

How relevant is William Shakespeare to Modern English?

What do you think about William Shakespeare?

We all have an opinion about William Shakespeare. Some of us love him whilst others merely tolerate.

Please listen to what Melvyn Bragg thinks about Shakespeare.


What do you think about William Shakespeare?

Please write down what you think about Shakespeare on your Shakespeare-inspired sheet.

What plays or adaptations of his play do you actually like? When were you first introduced to William Shakespeare? Do you have any really good memories of William Shakespeare?

We will all be sharing our thoughts so be ready to feedback.

Is this a good idea or a bad idea?


Please read the article and decide whether you agree or disagree with the ideas being put forward.

Record your ideas on the consensus mat quarter . Once you have written down your ideas please come to a group consensus.

What Shakespeare achieved

As we watch the clip, please answer the questions on the work mat provided.

Listen carefully in order to hear all the different examples Mr Bragg is going to share with us.

Why has Shakespeare stood the test of time?

You have each been given a text written by William Shakespeare.

Please read the text and then respond to the questions below.

  • How does the text make you feel?

  • What key themes or ideas are being presented in the text?

  • What do you think Shakespeare was trying to say to his audience?

  • Is the text and are the characters still relevant to modern society? Can you make any links between what the characters were experiencing 400 years ago and modern society right now?

Why is Shakespeare relevant to so many people today?

You have ach read and considered a Shakespearean text.

As a group please consider the question posed. Based on your understanding of the texts why does Shakespeare still engage and entertain so many people?

The Big Question

How relevant is William Shakespeare to Modern English?

Please write one paragraph in response to this question.

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