rutherford b hayes high school scheduling future sophomores 2014 2015
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Rutherford B. Hayes High School Scheduling Future Sophomores 2014-2015

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Rutherford B. Hayes High School Scheduling Future Sophomores 2014-2015 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Rutherford B. Hayes High School Scheduling Future Sophomores 2014-2015. Scheduling can be stressful BUT It doesn’t need to be. Pay close attention and take some notes. Counselor Phone #’s and E-mail. Required Courses.

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Scheduling can be stressful


It doesn’t need to be.

Pay close attention and take some notes.


HONORS DIPLOMACollege prep students must meet 7 of 8 criteria.Career-tech requirements are slightly different

You do not need to take Honors courses to qualify for Honors Diploma

This criteria is in addition to the DCS requirements for graduation.

  • English4 units
  • Mathematics4 units

(including Algebra I, Geometry, Algebra II or equivalent and another higher level course)

  • Science 4 units (including Physics 1 & Chemistry)
  • Social Studies 4 units
  • Foreign Language3 units

(including at least 2 units in each language studied)

  • Fine Arts1 unit
  • Grade Point Average3.5 on an unweighted 4.0 scale
  • ACT/SAT Score 27 ACT / 1210 SAT

(excludes scores from the writing sections)*


Course Bulletin

  • Check your school email! It has been emailed to you!
  • If you need further descriptions of all the courses, you may access the course curriculum book on-line at:
  • Click through ---
    • Guidance
    • Course & Scheduling Information
    • 2014-2015 Course Handbook
gpa ranking gpa scale has changed beginning with the class of 2014

Course grades are based on + / - scale.

We will be using the following scale to compute GPA’s.

AP Courses are weighted 1 point for grades C- or above.


College Options

1. Post-Secondary Educational Options (PSEO)

PSEOP allows Ohio high school students to earn college credit and high school credit through completion of college courses. Students must meet the state and university requirements. Students travel to the university to take these courses. Students do not have to pay college tuition for these courses.

2. Concurrent Enrollment

Students attend a university and can earn college and high school credit at the same time. Parents and students absorb this cost. Universities that do not participate in PSEO offer this option.


College Options

3. Dual Enrollment

Students take these classes at Hayes High School in their regular schedules, taught by Hayes High School teachers. Students pay reduced tuition fees and can receive both high school and a college credit at the end of the course.

Look in the Course Handbook or refer to the course selection sheet.

4. Advanced Placement (AP)

The Advanced Placement (AP) Program is offered to high school students through The College Board and provides a resource for students to earn collegiate credit before enrolling at a university. Advanced Placement (AP) courses are offered at Hayes High School. Students must apply for these courses. These courses also have additional fees and a culminating test in May. Students who take AP courses stand out in the admissions process. High test scores can result in college credit. See the course guide for available courses. Beginning with the Class of 2014 a student must earn a C- or better to earn the additional point for weighted grading.

marion tech pseo courses
Marion-Tech PSEO Courses
  • Students with a 2.75 GPA may apply for the PSEO courses that will be taught by a Marion Tech Instructor at Hayes.
  • Sociology and Oral Communications will be taught the first semester and Psychology and Dealing with Diversity will be taught second semester. Students must take all four courses, which will be taught in two consecutive periods Monday through Thursday.
  • Students will earn 12 semester hours of credit!!!!
  • If you are interested in PSEO and did not attend the Jan 29th meeting, there is a make-up meeting.
  • This meeting is REQUIRED for participation in PSEO.
credit flex
  • Students may now earn credits in non-traditional ways through new Ohio legislation.
  • These ways include:
    • Virtual Learning
    • Test-Out
    • Independent Study, which may include: distance learning, educational travel, independent study, an internship, music, arts, after-school/tutorial program, community service or other engagement projects and sports
  • For additional information:
    • Costs
    • Deadlines (June 1st!)
    • Applications
  • Visit the guidance website

AP Course Offerings

  • AP Language & Composition
  • AP Literature & Composition
  • AP Calculus AB
  • AP Calculus BC
  • AP Statistics
  • AP Biology
  • AP Chemistry
  • AP Environmental
  • AP Physics 2 (formerly AP Physics B)
  • AP European History
  • AP US History
  • AP Government
  • AP Art History
  • AP Studio Art

*AP Science courses will be 2 periods long due to lab requirements

**Applications can be found on the web or in guidance. Signatures from current teacher and AP teacher need to be obtained on application.

weighted grades
Weighted Grades
  • AP classes are weighted for grades of C- or higher.

This means that an A = 5 pts. B = 4 pts. etc. for AP classes only

  • GPA’s can be over 4.0
  • Valedictorian - all students who have a 4.1 GPA and 3 AP classes.
  • Salutatorian - all students who have a 4.0 GPA and 2 AP classes.
  • VHS stands for Virtual High School
  • Available for enrichment opportunities
  • Courses are available to students who have a desire to learn elective curriculum that is not available here at Hayes. However they do not replace courses available. Visit for course offerings.
  • See the guidance website to learn more and to access the on-line application.

New for 2014-2015

  • Concert Marching Band - Audition
  • Symphonic Marching Band – Audition
  • Extended Study in Art – after completing first 2 years
  • Multiple Hybrid Courses
  • Leaders of Tomorrow
  • Student Technology Trainers
  • Volunteer Work Experience
  • Yoga 1 & Yoga 2 – Must be taken consecutively
hybrid courses
Hybrid Courses
  • Hybrid courses are taught partly online and partly in the classroom. Students may not be required to report to the course daily but will have coursework to complete on their own on that day.
  • Hybrid Courses will be offered in:
    • Earth Science
    • Government & Economics
    • Health
    • Fitness/PE
    • Pacer Capstone
    • Student Technology Trainers
    • Leaders of Tomorrow
  • Concert Marching Band
  • Symphony Marching Band

*Audition Only


Extended study is now available to student who complete Levels 1 & 2. This allows you to further your study in a specific course of art.

  • Application only
new elective
New Elective
  • Leaders of Tomorrow (0.5 credits) – Members of Student Council are asked to take this hybrid course. Students will learn various methods of leadership and roles. They will learn to implement these skills in their student council roles
  • Student Technology Trainers – (0.5 credits) – Students will learn the components on Google tools, research the significance of technology education, learn social media etiquette and further develop their 21st century skills. They will develop techonology products to further help students and teachers

Career Graphics

·Work in a print shop to develop employability, problem-solving, and life skills

·Hands-on projects include: Glass etching, laser engraving, painting, signage for school projects, billboard design, building CO2 cars, etc.

·Explore a wide-range of career tech programs while receiving academic support

  • Career Focus: Prepared to continue high school and qualify for a career tech program at DACC
  • AP Classes
  • Study Hall Option

10th grade, 6 credits earned and a 3.0 cume GPA

  • Virtual High School –VHS
  • Student Technology Trainers
  • Delhi
  • Talisman
  • D-Town
  • Art Extended Study
  • World Language 1
  • Applications can be found on the web or in the School Counseling office.
physical education waiver
Physical Education Waiver
  • Students may opt to waive their PE classes by participating in & successfully completing two seasons of an OHSAA approved sport or Marching Band
  • At the conclusion of each athletic season, the Athletic Dept. and Marching Band Director (fall only) will provide the Counseling Office with a list of students who completed the season. The students will be awarded one PE waiver on their high school transcript. At the conclusion of each school year, the AFJROTC instructor will provide the Counseling Office with a list of students who completed a full year of AFJROTC. These students will also be awarded aPE waiver on their high school transcript. Students not wishing to take part in the PE waiver should submit a letter to their high school counselor.

Students will now only be able to drop courses ONE time during their high school career without penalty after the first two weeks of the start of a course. A “W” indicating Withdrawal from the course will be entered on the transcript. This does not affect the GPA.

  • All courses dropped after this option is used, will result in an F. This will be entered on the transcript and will affect the GPA.
  • If a student has dropped courses prior to the 2013-14 school year, he/she will still be granted the one-time “W” option.

Drop Policy


Pass/Fail Option

The following restrictions are placed upon this choice:

  • No required core course may be taken pass/fail.
  • No more than one credit may be elected in a given subject area during the four years of high school.
  • PowerSchool will indicate actual grade percentage earned.
  • A student may choose to return to the standard letter grade anytime prior to the end of the course. If this option is selected, the student is responsible for making the request in writing to their Guidance counselor by the end of the course. The student will then receive a letter grade for the final grade of the course. When the student drops the pass/fail option, they may not use the pass/fail option for another course in that school year.
  • Application must be returned to guidance no later than the end of course’s 1st Term.

Think about your 4-year plan. Be sure you consider what you want your senior year to look like.

Decide on what classes you want to take next year. PE & Health are important especially if you want to attend the Career Center.

Be sure you have enough classes for graduation, honors diploma, athletic eligibility, etc.

Check out the Course Handbook on-line at:

Discuss your choices with your parents.

Make a list of questions to discuss with your guidance counselor when you schedule.

course selection sheets be sure to have this during your scheduled time in science
Course Selection Sheets**Be sure to have this during your scheduled time in Science**
  • Your counselors will be scheduling with you during your science class on your assigned date
  • Talk with your parents this week regarding your schedule for next year.
  • What is your 4 year plan?
  • Consider what you would like to take during your future years.
  • If you have questions, ask your assigned counselor during scheduling.
  • During individual scheduling, time will be limited. Please have decisions made beforehand.


**Make-ups will be Feb. 18 & 19**


Dates to Remember

All Course Applications are due February 28, 2014

Course selection sheets are due when you meet with your counselor on your scheduling date

Any requests to change your course selections must be submitted to your School Counselor by June 5, 2014.

Students may only make ONE request to change their schedule. (Multiple changes can be made in this one request.)

Students will only be able to change course requests to the alternate courses that are originally submitted to the counselor.




Powerschool Scheduler

Students will be able to register for classes through Powerschool

You should access this now prior to your assigned Science scheduling day when you meet with your counselor. Your counselor will verify the classes you have signed up for during your meeting.

remind 101
Remind 101

Class of 2017




Curriculum Night at Hayes

January 29 @ 7 p.m.

Students and parents welcome

If you want to take PSEO, you MUST attend