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The Hopewell Centre A Community of Hope and Wellbeing. The Visionaries and Founders. Mrs Deirdre Hanna and Rev Dr Ian Mavor OAM. Hopewell Hospice Services Inc. structure. President : Deirdre Hanna Vice-President : Dr Peter Lewis Executive Director : Rev Dr Ian Mavor OAM

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The Hopewell Centre A Community of Hope and Wellbeing

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The hopewell centre a community of hope and wellbeing l.jpg

The Hopewell CentreA Community of Hope and Wellbeing

  • The Visionaries and Founders

Mrs Deirdre Hanna and Rev Dr Ian Mavor OAM

Hopewell hospice services inc structure l.jpg

Hopewell Hospice Services Inc. structure

  • President: Deirdre Hanna

  • Vice-President: Dr Peter Lewis

  • Executive Director: Rev Dr Ian Mavor OAM

  • Treasurer: Jan Bradnam and

  • Members of the Incorporated Association to a total of thirty.

  • Hopewell Board of Management:

    Ms Deirdre Hanna (Chair)

    Ms Betty Beverley

    Ms Jan Bradnam

    Dr Peter Lewis

    Rev Dr Ian Mavor OAM (Secretary)‏

    Ms Lata Milner

    Ms Ann Robilotta

    Mr Peter Watkins

Hopewell hospice residential palliative care l.jpg

Hopewell HospiceResidential Palliative Care

  • Home-style hospitality for people with life-limiting illnesses who require permanent accommodation or respite care

  • Nursing care, ancillary services, complementary therapies and volunteer support

  • Counselling, pastoral care and spiritual guidancefor residents and their families

In 2005 on its 10th anniversary, Hopewell celebrated

the opening of the new premises at Arundel

Our new paradise kids counselling and education centre l.jpg

Our New Paradise Kids Counselling and Education Centre

Courses and workshops l.jpg

Wellbeing Programs : Heartstormers

Stress Reduction and Healthy Lifestyle Courses

WOW Tours (Wellness on Wheels)‏

Complementary Therapies

Meditation Classes

Courses and Workshops

Specialising in Counselling, Health and Spirituality

  • Volunteer Training Courses

  • Grief Counselling Courses – Children & Grief

  • Palliative Care Courses and other programs

  • Suicide Intervention Courses

  • Explorations in Spirituality and Worship

  • Grief and Transformations of Consciousness

Simply divine cafe l.jpg

Simply Divine Cafe

  • Feed your body, feed your mind at our café and bookshop

Slide7 l.jpg

  • Deirdre Hanna – Founding President

The first paradise kids programs were held in a private house in tallebudgera in 1997 l.jpg

The first Paradise Kids Programs were held in a private house in Tallebudgera in 1997

Slide9 l.jpg

Grief, Loss and Illness Support Programs for children, youth and their families

  • Children’s Bereavement Support Groups at Paradise Kids House for children and their parents or carers including Boy’s Groups and Teen Groups

  • Education and counselling services for young people experiencing grief, bereavement or illness, or at risk of self-harm

Mireille Allan

Program Coordinator for Support Groups

Deirdre Hanna

and Dr Pamela Chalip, Children’s Counsellor

Paradise kids in 2008 l.jpg


  • 32grief and loss programs helping 273 children and teens

  • 28 support groups helping 191 families

  • 800 one-on-one counselling appointments

  • 57 volunteers (not incl. interns) worked with children on average each term and provided 6,221 volunteer hrs throughout the year

  • 305 families approached us for help and attended the initial interviews (11/2 hrs each) where we provide support and information.

Counselling services l.jpg

Counselling Services

Manager:Patrick Lynch

  • Supervision,

  • Bereavement Care

  • Co-ordination of Student Placements and other Volunteer Counsellors

Grief and loss programs l.jpg

Grief and Loss Programs

Help the children to

acknowledge and

express the normal

mixed emotions

of grief including

anger, hurt and

sadness, guilt

and fear.

Storytelling with paradise kids l.jpg

Storytelling with Paradise Kids

The programs are a mixture of art, stories, discussion, music, movement and meditation to help children express thoughts and feelings from the heart.

Patrick boys group buddies and parents group facilitator kerrie l.jpg

Patrick, Boys Group Buddies and Parents’ Group Facilitator, Kerrie

  • The Boys Group involves men and boys in trust activities

Teenager s program l.jpg

Teenager’s Program

  • Teenager’s programs are held over a full day

The illness support program l.jpg

The Illness Support Program

  • Was written by Lizzi Swatland in 2004 in conjunction with the existing Grief and Loss Program.

  • The program was ‘tested’ on a little girl who had leukemia at that time in the Royal Children’s Hospital. She loved it and the program revealed a lot about what she was dealing with in her illness.

  • Lizzi realised she had a program that worked and so she went out into the community with it and the Illness Support Program was born.

Slide18 l.jpg

The Illness Support Program

  • Children who are experiencing a serious illness;

  • Parents who need support in coping with the stress of their seriously ill child;

  • Siblings of sick children who need support in coping with pressures on the family due to long term chronic illness;

  • The program is available in Paradise Kids House as well as in their homes and hospitals.

Our first client alec mcewan l.jpg

Our First Client Alec McEwan

  • Mum Theresa with Alec, Casper and Lizzi

Slide20 l.jpg

Illness Support Sessions

Session 1

Gain Understanding of the Illness

Experience as a Loss

Accept change as a part of life

Identify family changes

Discover personal life changes

Recognise grief from loss and change

Session 4

Drawing Out Difficult Feelings

Recognise affect of feelings on behavior

See family pattern of expressing feelings

Identify personal difficult feelings

Learn healthy ways to express feelings

Session 5

Living well with Illness

Assess family coping skills

Identify support resources

Learn healthy coping skills

Session 2

Understanding Serious Illness

Define serious and other illness

Learn basic cause of illness

Identify body parts affected by illness

Assess understanding and misconceptions

Session 6

The Cycle of Life

Talking about death can help

Any unfinished business

Session 3

Feel the Feelings

Recognise and name feelings

Learn that feelings are all ok

Discover defense masks

Identify feelings about family changes

Session 7

Creating a New Future

Claim a new sense of self

A safe supportive setting allows freedom to express a full range of feelings l.jpg

A safe supportive setting allows freedom to express a full range of feelings

- some comfortable, some uncomfortable – to allow the sick child and their family to have more understanding about loss of health and wellbeing.

Reiki l.jpg


  • Lucy and Jonny

    (age 2)‏

The wiseman family l.jpg

Kylie and Shane’s wedding

The Wiseman Family

  • Geoff and Charlotte

Slide24 l.jpg

Outings with Paradise Kids

Bailey, his mum Tiffany, Theresa and Leo Sayer at the Magical Scarecrow at Dreamworld. Also Amanda with daughters Piper and Lily.

Alix (third from left) with her sister enjoying a night out with her family at Dreamtime, Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary

The first family holiday program thanks to vodafone s 25 000 grant l.jpg

All accommodation,

Travel and transfers,

Attractions and visits to theme parks

will be at no cost to the family.

The first Family Holiday Programthanks to Vodafone’s $25,000 grant

Viv and Michael, Sharyn and Abbey with PK team

The family holiday house l.jpg

The Family Holiday House

The larger dream has been to provide accommodation for affected families from rural and remote areas and other parts of Australia to have a Gold Coast holiday.

Slide27 l.jpg

Paradise Kids Holiday House provides unique accommodation for families who have seriously sick children. We have created a Beach House theme throughout….

Slide28 l.jpg

…to give the family a real holiday feel when they take a much needed break for a week on the Gold Coast

Slide29 l.jpg

The First Family in Our Holiday House

  • The Owens family – Tina with Jessika and Isabella and the Illness Support Team

Slide30 l.jpg


Opened August 2008

Grief and Loss Programs for 6 - 11 years

Play Therapy group for little people (ages 3-5 years) by Term 3

Chameleon Club 8 week support group for children aged 7 - 11 years

specifically around divorce/separation/loss in Term 4

Individual Counselling

Paradise kids 4africa l.jpg

Paradise Kids 4Africa

Slide32 l.jpg

“Children can learn to live well, despite their illness


Paradise Kids supports them on their journey.”

Deirdre Hanna, Founding President

Slide33 l.jpg

  • Harry age 5 and now age 8

Slide34 l.jpg

  • Mekai age 4

Slide35 l.jpg

  • Bree Nossiter age 9

Slide36 l.jpg

  • Ethan age 6 months died 7 March 2007

Slide37 l.jpg

  • Bailey age 9 and with his mum, Tiffany

Slide38 l.jpg

  • Alyssa age 5 with her buddy Deniece

Slide39 l.jpg

  • Jayda age 5

Slide40 l.jpg

  • Abbey age 10 with buddy Deniece

Slide41 l.jpg

  • Gemma age 7

    died 12 May 2007

Slide42 l.jpg

  • Brent age 5 and on his 8th birthday

Slide43 l.jpg

  • Michael age 9 after eating chocolate yoghurt!

Slide44 l.jpg

  • Jonathon age 3 died 22 September 2007

Slide45 l.jpg

  • Jasmyn age 10

Slide46 l.jpg

  • Ian age 5 and his mum, Sheila

Slide47 l.jpg

  • Isabella age 3 and sister Jessika age 7 and with mum Tina

Ps from us to you l.jpg

PS from US to YOU !!!

  • Hopewell Hospice Services Inc is a registered charity and have achieved Accreditation.

  • Everyone at The Hopewell Centre invites you to recommend the Hopewell Hospice and Paradise Kids to anyone who will benefit from our services.

  • You are invited to visit us – please contact Lizzi or Theresa to arrange a suitable time.

  • And finally, as a registered charity, we always appreciate and acknowledge all donations and gifts.

Thank you l.jpg

Thank you

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