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Suzhou – “Heaven on Earth”. Lin Lu Feb 2004. Summary. City Introduction Suzhou Garden How to experience Suzhou Garden art Humble Administrator’s Garden Lion Forrest Garden Suzhou Embroidery Suzhou today Gift Choices Links. Suzhou – “Land of Fish and Rice”. Suzhou - Introduction.

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Summary l.jpg

  • City Introduction

  • Suzhou Garden

    • How to experience Suzhou Garden art

    • Humble Administrator’s Garden

    • Lion Forrest Garden

  • Suzhou Embroidery

  • Suzhou today

  • Gift Choices

  • Links

Suzhou introduction l.jpg
Suzhou - Introduction

  • 8488 sq kilometers (3277 sq miles)

  • 53 mile west from Shanghai

  • Population 570,000

  • 9 gardens in Suzhou listed in the World Cultural Heritage by UNESCO

  • In 2002, GDP 208B Yuan (US$25 billion), ranking 5th in China.

  • GDP grew by 17.6% in first 3

    quarters of 2003

Suzhou venice in the east l.jpg
Suzhou – Venice in the East

  • Of the whole area, 10% is cultivated fields, 30% hills, and 60% covered with water.

  • Museum of bridges. Now 161 bridges have remained inside the city. There were 314 bridges in history.

Suzhou city of gardens l.jpg
Suzhou – City of Gardens

  • Imitation of natural scenery to meet the intellectual and emotional needs

  • Asymmetric composition (different from European Gardens)

  • Interactive experiences

Multiple layouts extend depth of the scene l.jpg
Multiple Layouts --- extend depth of the scene

  • Corridors – divided limited space

  • a microcosm of the world made of the basic elements

  • Interactive view – each step with a surprisingly new view.

Suzhou garden interior view l.jpg
Suzhou Garden – interior view

  • Functionality

  • Harmony with nature

  • Interwoven with Taoist metaphysics of  Laozi and Zhuangzi

  • Heavy decorated windows and doors

Suzhou garden intertwined with chinese culture l.jpg
Suzhou Garden – intertwined with Chinese Culture

  • the classical gardens of Suzhou are noteworthy places with unique architectural forms carrying poetic names in plateaux and parallel couplets in excellent calligraphy with literary allusion which help to enhance the beauty of the whole property

The humble administrator s garden l.jpg
The Humble Administrator's Garden

  • First laid out in 1509 A.D.

  • Largest classic garden in Suzhou (51,950 sq meters = 13 acres)

  • traditional appearance of Ming Dynasty –simple, smooth.

  • Garden is divided into three parts. (East, Central, and west)

The lion forest garden l.jpg
The Lion Forest Garden

  • Built in 1342 A.D.

  • Original was part of a Buddhism temple

  • Famous for the great quantities of its Taihu rocks that form an intriguing maze of mountian paths and varied scenes,

  • many of Taihu Rocks looks link lions

Suzhou home of silk l.jpg
Suzhou -- Home of Silk

  • Suzhou embroidery is characterized by beautiful pattern, elegant colors, and rich and meticulous stitching.

  • Representative images include "Kitten", "Goldfish", "Landscape", "Portrait", etc..

Suzhou fast growing city l.jpg
Suzhou – Fast Growing City

  • China-Singapore Suzhou Industrial Park

    • investments of US$13.15 billion By April 2002,

    • with 3 projects surpassing US$1 billion each

  • Suzhou New & Hi-tech Industrial Development Zone

    • By 2000, the accumulated contractual foreign investment was 35.56 billion USD with actually utilized foreign capital of 20.3 billion.

    • 172 projects in Suzhou are invested by 77 MNCs among the Fortune 500.

Suzhou metropolis of arts l.jpg
Suzhou -- Metropolis of Arts

  • “City of Talents”-- famous Suzhou literati, artists, statesman, architects, calligraphers, played decisive roles and exerted great influences throughout the history of China.

  • “Wu Culture” -- an important part of the history of Chinese culture and art.

Perfect gift from suzhou l.jpg
Perfect Gift from Suzhou


Palace Fan

Green Tea BiLuoChun


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