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Welcome To our Open House. 2013-2014. Make it as hard as you want for me and I’ll show you it can be done. My Name is Mr Ronald Reno Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education from IUP AA in Business WCCC AAS Accounting WCCC Masters +15credits

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To our Open House


  • My Name is can be doneMr Ronald Reno

  • Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education from IUP

  • AA in Business WCCC

  • AAS Accounting WCCC

  • Masters +15credits

  • Past Experiences

  • Honorable Discharge Army SSgt.

  • Coal Miner

  • Steel Hauler

  • Currently in my 20th year of teaching 4th grade at Baggaley

  • Contact Information:

  • Email [email protected]

  • Phone – (724)539-4531

  • Available between 11:25 and 12:00 / 3:45 and 4:15

Dicipline can be done Policy

In 4th grade, we have three simple rules:

-Respect others

-Take responsibility for your actions

-Take pride in all that you do

We believe that if students maintain these three guiding phrases, we will create a positive environment in which to learn.

Each 4th grader, along with his or her parents, signed a contract to show understanding of, and agreement with, our rules and their consequences.

Dicipline can be done Policy

In addition to having rules in place, we have created a positive behavior reward system. Each student in 4th grade has received a “Positive Paws” punch card. Teachers can award a punch for exceptional displays of respect, pride, responsibility, kindness, and cooperation. Full punch cards are placed into a drawing, and each month a winner is chosen. The winner receives a Barnes & Noble gift card.

Think Positive

A year of transition . . . can be done

Fourth grade is a year of great transition. Students, for the first time, have different teachers for different subject areas. They are now a part of the “intermediate” grades, and will face high expectations. During the first quarter especially, many parents observe their child working harder at homework, spending more time preparing for tests, and encountering more challenging academic material. Please know that this is normal. As teachers, we are doing our job to prepare your student for success, and this means holding each of them to a high standard for organization, responsibility, and effort. Your support is important as students learn what is expected in the upper elementary grades, and how to be more independent learners and workers.

Communication can be done

  • Parents & Teachers are partners in a child’s education!

  • Home/School Connections:

  • Take home folder

  • Homework assignment book

  • Monthly newsletters

  • Remind 101

  • Teacher websites

  • Email

  • (NEW WEBSITE: www.glsd.us)

  • Teacher Websites can be done

  • www.glsd.us

  • 1)Select a school (Baggaley)

  • 2)Click “Teachers”

  • 3)Choose a teacher page

  • Includes teacher lesson plans and learning objectives

  • Displays teacher contact information

  • Links of interest

  • Think Central can be done

  • Your online resource for math & reading

  • www.thinkcentral.com

  • Electronic versions of student textbooks and workbooks

  • Audio reader to read aloud to your child

  • Animated math models

  • Access to printable homework pages

  • New to Baggaley . . . can be done

  • New principal - Miss Kim Hrezo

  • Miss Sias is now Mrs. Ulishney

  • Miss Wisyanski new to Fourth Grade Team

  • New guidance counselor - Mrs. Theresa Novotney

  • Our new website is www.glsd.us

  • Baggaley is now a schoolwide Title I building

  • Deadline for parent volunteer clearances (Sept. 30)

  • Transition to the PA Core Standards

  • Language Arts can be done

  • Teachers – Mrs. Frescura & Miss Wisyanski

  • Students will utilize a binder for organization and weekly lesson packets in place of workbooks

  • www.thinkcentral.com is our online reading component

  • Reading tests will be given bi-weekly (see schedule)

  • Homework will be daily and will ALMOST always be based on the following schedule:

  • Monday – spelling page

  • Tuesday – vocabulary page / read “paired selection”

  • Wednesday – grammar page

  • Thursday – skill page / study

  • Friday – none (spelling lists will be available for the coming week)

  • Expectations (writing conventions, homework, testing)

  • Math can be done

  • Mr Reno Mrs Ulishney

  • PA is transitioning to the PA Core Standards --> Shift in instructional focus

  • GO MATH! focus areas must be supplemented to address PSSA eligible content

  • Targeted Areas of Instruction:

  • Numbers & Operations

  • Measurement

  • Geometry

  • Algebraic Concepts

  • Data Analysis & Probability

  • Think Central

  • Expectations (math facts, homework, showing work on assignments/tests )

  • Science can be done

  • Mrs Ulishney

  • Units of study: scientific process, animal studies, space, electricity, weather, land & water

  • PSSA

  • Very academic—Science is a letter grade!

  • Expectations:

    • Content—lots of nonfiction reading

    • Assessments—a lot of content

    • Homework—Will have homework many evenings

    • Projects—Following directions imperative

    • Test/quiz corrections are an opportunity to ease the transition to Science as a letter grade

    • Test/Quiz corrections—1/2 credit back for corrected answers, MUST BE RETURNED THE NEXT DAY, students must choose to do them—no teacher prompting to do/hand in

Social Studies can be done


-Units of study:

Map skills review


States & Regions

-Expectations (homework, projects, assessments)