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IMPORTANT!. While you are waiting on our session to begin, go to the app store and download “ Qrafter ”  (the icon looks like this). “It’s not about the tool… the tool is just the Trojan horse.” –Kevin Honeycutt It’s NOT about the tools….

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While you are waiting on our session to begin, go to the app store and download “Qrafter”

(the icon looks like this)

It s not about the tools

“It’s not about the tool… the tool is just the Trojan horse.”

–Kevin Honeycutt

It’s NOT about the tools…

Session 2 iPad Training

Karl Henry-Romain

Suzi Davis

Ashleigh Davis

Check in
Check in horse.”

  • How are you feeling today?

  • What are you hoping to get from today’s training?

  • What are you going to set aside today to be fully present?

Norms horse.”

  • Listen fully and reflectively

  • Practice forming new habits of mind

  • Hold experiences and revelations of others with care

  • Challenge the limits of your potential

  • Monitor your personal technology

  • Be responsible for your impact on the room

  • Have fun!!

Agenda horse.”

  • Treasure hunt

    • Looking for “golden apps”

  • App share out

    • Sharing apps you have found during your time on the iPad

  • Common core and the iPad

  • Articles Jigsaw

  • Model lesson – “Idioms”

  • Lesson Share

  • Lunch

  • Model lesson – “Book Recommendations”

  • Lesson share

  • Using Evernote

“Technology doesn’t improve education, it changes it… TEACHERS improve education.”

-Michael Trump,

Cabarrus County Schools, NC

Video clip
Video Clip TEACHERS improve education.”

Treasure hunt
Treasure Hunt TEACHERS improve education.”

  • To fully experience today’s workshop we are sending you on a treasure hunt. Please use the map and the QRAFTER app that you downloaded.

    • Open Qrafter

    • Scan the boxes on your map

    • Download the content you find

    • Answer the questions you encounter on the back of your map.

App share out
App Share Out TEACHERS improve education.”

This time is to share out any new apps that you have found during your time with your iPad.

Articles is it about the tools
Articles- Is it about the tools? TEACHERS improve education.”

  • Number off at your table: 1-2-3

  • Please spend 20 minutes reading:




  • Spend 10 minutes at your table sharing your article

Common core and technology
Common Core and Technology TEACHERS improve education.”

Model lesson idioms
Model Lesson “Idioms” TEACHERS improve education.”

  • Apps Suggestions: Idioms, IdiomsLite, Jldioms, Popplet

  • Directions:

    • Your table will be assigned an idiom

    • Use the “Idioms”, “IdiomsLite”, or “Jldioms” to learn more about your assigned idiom

    • Find two pictures on the internet that illustrate your idiom

      • Save those pictures on your ipad

  • Create your own definition of that idiom

  • Think up a scenario where you might use your idiom

  • Share:

    • Use “Popplet” to create a web of the pictures, the definition, and the scenario

    • Use “Popplet” to email the photo of the web you make

  • Example

    “At the drop of a hat” TEACHERS improve education.”

    “Barking up the wrong tree”

    “Bitter end”

    “Crocodile tears”

    “Keep at bay”

    “Once in a blue moon”

    “Mad as a hornet”

    “Split hairs”

    “Take a raincheck”


    “Apple of my eye”

    Model lesson book recommendations
    Model Lesson “Book Recommendations” TEACHERS improve education.”

    • Apps Suggestions: Blurb (free), Easybib (free)

    • Directions:

      • Decide on a book that you would like to recommend to a specific audience (your students, book club, parent community, teacher colleague, administrators, etc.)

      • Write a short script to summarize the book, highlight why you feel your audience would like/benefit from reading it. Add further resources (links, websites, movies, other books on the topic, etc.) about the setting, characters, topic, author, etc.

      • Find 5 visuals/images online to include in your recommendation.

      • Use “Easybib” to create a citation to go with your book recommendation

      • Use “Blurb” and import the images, then record your script, advancing the slides as you are recording

    • The Book recommendation is to be between 90 seconds and 3 Minutes

    Evernote TEACHERS improve education.”

    • Comprehensive guide to Evernote