Sentence Problems

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Sentence Problems

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1. Sentence Problems How to fix those pesky fragment and run on sentences.

2. Main Clause A sentence needs to have a main clause to develop the idea in a sentence. A sentence needs 3 components to have a main clause: Noun Verb Complete thought

3. Fragments A fragment is missing one of the key components of a main clause. For example: And sneezed loud enough for the neighbors to hear. (missing the noun – who sneezed?) The man fishing on a deep, cold, blue lake. (no verb – what was the fisherman doing?) After Joe went to school. (Joe went – but then what? Not a complete thought)

4. Hint Imagine someone bursting into the room and yelling a sentence. Does it make sense? If so, it’s a complete sentence. If not, it’s a fragment.

5. Your Turn! Each sentence needs a noun, verb, and complete thought. Which of the following has all three? The person watching the boats. But walked down the road. Sally delivered the mail.

6. Not Quite Remember each sentence needs a noun, verb, and a complete thought in order to be a complete sentence. Take a look at this.

7. Yes! You remembered that all sentences have the three main components of Noun Verb Complete Thought

8. Run on Sentences Run on sentences tend to go on and on and on and on . . . Click on the one sentence below that you think is a run on. Sarah is going to the store are you going with her? Bob is going to go to the store and buy some candy. Joe has many things he wants to do today. One of the items on his list is going to the store.

9. Great Job! Run on sentences are just like that person you know that keeps talking and talking and talking. Click here for some great advice on catching and fixing run on sentences.

10. Fragments and Run-ons Two pesky problems solved!

11. Try Again Run on sentences combine two sentences into one without adding any punctuation. Keep this in mind while you look at the sentences again.

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