Using audacity
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Using Audacity PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Using Audacity. Free open source audio recording and editing software. Where to find it. Audacity Or Google “Audacity audio” Audacity manual Audacity tutorials

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Using Audacity

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Using audacity

Using Audacity

Free open source

audio recording and editing software

Where to find it

Where to find it

  • Audacity


    • Or Google “Audacity audio”

  • Audacity manual


  • Audacity tutorials


  • LAME encoder (for exporting.mp3s)


    • Audacity provides a link the first time you attempt to make an ,mp3

Audio formats

Audio formats

  • Lots of formats

    • .wav – very common, uncompressed (big files), lossless, nearly universal playback ability

    • .mp3 – very common, compressed (little files), lossy, nearly universal playback ability

    • .wma – Windows audio, may have Digital Rights Management for copy protection

    • m4p – ITunes format – WILL have Digital Rights Management for copy protection (probably won’t play back on another computer)

    • .ogg – free, open source, uses Vorbis format to play

      • Librivox – public domain audio books

    • .ra – Real Audio, use in decline

Choosing your microphone and speakers

Choosing your microphone and speakers

  • Edit>Preferences>Devices

  • Set your mike, speakers, stereo or mono

  • I need to choose a different mike than the Connect mike

  • Use a moderately priced headset for best results

Recording and playback

recording and playback

  • Just like a tape recorder or VCR

    • Pause, play, stop, rewind, fast forward, record

  • Recording shows up as a waveform

    • Useful to find silence, pauses or extraneous noises if editing

Effects menu

Effects menu

  • Effects>Amplify

    • May have to enable “clipping” to apply the effect

  • Effects>Fade In

  • Effects>Fade Out

  • Effects>Remove Noise

Editing tracks

Editing tracks

  • Playback to find the spot you want to cut

    • Use the waveform to find the silences

  • Use the selection tool to select the cut

    • Left click and drag

    • Hit Delete or Cut to make the edit

    • Ctrl + Z to undo an edit

  • You can also replace the selection with silence

Selection tool

Replace with



Exporting saving files

exporting (Saving) files

  • You don’t save sound files, you Export them

  • File>Export>Choose folder, filename, and format

  • MP3s require a download of a LAME encoder

    • Audacity guides you though the process

  • Because .wav is lossless, I edit and combine in .wav, and convert to .mp3 when I’m done

Importing and combining tracks

Importing and Combining Tracks

  • Record and export all your clips

  • Import all your clips

    • Don’t click Open, as they will open up in different windows

    • Import opens them all up in same window

  • Copy and paste second clip onto end of first track

    • Close clip

    • Copy and paste third clip onto end of first track

    • Close clip

    • Repeat until al the clips are on one track

  • Save the whole thing with a new filename when you’re done

Lame encoder

LAME encoder

  • Export as MP3

  • You’ll get this prompt the first time

    • Click Download

    • Follow the links (there are 2)

  • Download LAME

  • Click the .exe file

  • Export the file!

Mixing tracks

Mixing tracks

  • Import tracks you want to mix

    • If music, make sure you have rights

    • LOTS of public domain music out there

    • is where I got the Bach

  • Edit tracks to same running time

  • Use Effects menu(Amplify, Fade In, Fade Out) as needed

  • Export

    • Will automatically mix tracks together

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