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Mesopotamia Game

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Mesopotamia Game. The Situation.

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the situation
The Situation

You are building a home for a wealthy man. The cost of the home is a flat rate, meaning if you go over-budget, the extra money will come out of your pocket. You’ve been given 20 shekels, and you’ll make a series of decisions in building your home. Keep in mind, there are consequences to the decisions you make.

choice 1
Choice 1
  • You’re deciding what type of transportation you should use to get your building materials to the construction site. What type of transportation will you use?
    • I’ll carry the materials myself!
    • I’ll hire someone else to carry them for me.
    • I’ll rent a team of oxen to move my materials.
choice 2
Choice 2
  • You’re trying to save money by buying a tree. The man selling the tree gives you a set price. How will you buy the tree?
    • I’ll pay his price. After all, it’s still better than paying more for the materials elsewhere.
    • I’ll negotiate with the man. I think I can get the tree for even cheaper than the man’s asking price.
    • I’ll sneak onto the man’s land in the middle of the night and chop the tree down without paying for it!
choice 3
Choice 3
  • Now that you’ve made all the necessary arrangements for building the house, you actually have to buy the rest of the required materials. There are a couple of different options available to you, but the cost will come out of you pocket. What will you do?
    • I’ll buy the cheap materials. They save money for me! (3 shekels)
    • I’ll buy the more expensive materials. With them, I can make sure the home I’m building is of high quality. (6 shekels)