OneSAF Software Distribution & Training
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OneSAF Software Distribution & Training. OneSAF Users Conference. Agenda. SWDT Overview Program Overview Training POI Training Schedule SWDT Overview. Who Are We?. Experience. Qualified OneSAF Trainers with years of M&S and military experience 50 combined man years in M&S

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OneSAF Software Distribution & Training

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Onesaf software distribution training

OneSAF Software Distribution & Training

OneSAF Users Conference

Onesaf software distribution training


  • SWDT Overview

  • Program Overview

  • Training POI

  • Training Schedule


Swdt overview

SWDT Overview

Who are we

Who Are We?



  • Qualified OneSAF Trainers with years of M&S and military experience

    • 50 combined man years in M&S

    • 23 combined man years using OneSAF

    • 120 combined man years of military service

    • Trainers certified in M&S Training Systems, TRADOC Standards, Microsoft, Cisco and more

  • More Simulation time on OneSAF then almost any other team

    • Weekly War Support

    • 3-4 Days of distributed exercises every fielding

    • 2-4 standalone exercises every fielding

    • Scenario testing and development

  • Over 600+ new operators/users trained since Oct 06 (three domains, co-developers, and government contractors)

  • SWDT team learning from each distribution and improving delivery at each site

    • User feedback required at end of each session

    • Integrated into training documentation

    • Latest POI reflects feedback received.

Onesaf swdt

MAJ Yolanda Frazier

APM Customer Service

Randy Glass

Project Manager

Raul Seda


Pearce Bybee

Team Lead / Trainer

Jeffrey Ketts

Team Lead / Trainer

Bob Fuller

Team Lead /Trainer

Dave Shannon


Mike Bowman


Chris Bunker


Jimmy Foor


Charles (Woody) Woodward


David Chang


Brian Reeder


Dean Reiser


Jason Santiago



Swdt what are we here for

Simulation Training

Operator Training

Behavior Training

Management Control Tool

Technical Training

Installation & Configuration

Technical Control of Exercises (Distributed)

Exercise Planning

After Action Review

Integration with your systems


C2 Systems

Simulation Toolbox

Setting up your Network






Scenario Development

SWDT – What are we here for.

Swdt what we don t do

SWDT – What We Don’t Do

  • Terrain Building or Modification

  • Model Development

  • Data modification

  • New Unique Entities or Components

Swdt approach

SWDT Approach

Distribution and training to army m s domains

Distribution and Training to Army M&S Domains

  • TPO OneSAF Approved Plan

  • Hub/Spoke Concept

  • 322 Approach

    • 3 Training and Distribution Teams

    • 2 Mobile OneSAF Training Labs (MOTL)

    • 2 Weeks On Site

Training challenge

Training Challenge

  • Training material/delivery adequate for one domain may be too much or too little for another

  • Experience of audience at many extremes

    • User Operators / Scientists

    • New Users / Seasoned M&S Professionals

  • Hardware/Software Baseline

    • Competing / Conflicting Software

    • Operating Systems (Linux Flavor of the Month)

    • Current Sensitivity to Network Setup

  • MOTL or Site Specific Equipment

  • Developer or Operator

  • Distribution Schedule

Swdt mobile onesaf training lab motl


Easy Set-up


SWDT – Mobile OneSAF Training Lab (MOTL)

  • MOTL = 20 Laptop computers with networking infrastructure

  • MOTL = Independent of site infrastructure allowing training to commence immediately

  • Preconfigured with latest SW Baseline and OneSAF Release

  • Provides true “hands-on” training

  • Assures Team is Ready for Training

Preplanning activities

Preplanning Activities

  • Coordinate with site POCs as needed

  • 4 - 6 weeks out

    • Team leader sends out Site Survey Checklist, HBL, SBL, and Draft POI

    • Team leader begins initial direct coordination with site

  • 2 - 4 weeks out

    • Schedule Site Survey (as needed)

    • Narrow down requirements

    • Notify global OneSAF

    • Prep MOTL for Training

Onesaf software distribution training

You Want OneSAF.

How do you get it?

  • How to . . .

    • Get the Software

    • Individual Training

    • A Fielding

    • HELP




  • How do I request a copy of OneSAF?

  • You can request a copy of OneSAF via the OneSAF Distribution Agreement. If you are other than U.S. government, you must submit a request through your government program sponsor. Download the OneSAF Distribution Agreement, complete, and fax to:

  • Randy GlassSoftware Distribution Task Order Lead, One Semi-Automated Forces (OneSAF) rglass@ideorlando.orgPhone: 321-235-7692Fax: 321-235-1606

  • Raul SedaHelp Desk Support, One Semi-Automated Forces (OneSAF) rseda@ideorlando.orgPhone: 321-235-7625Fax: 321-235-1606

Individual training

Individual Training


Randy GlassSoftware Distribution Task Order Lead,

One Semi-Automated Forces (OneSAF) rglass@ideorlando.orgPhone: 321-235-7692Fax: 321-235-1606

Onesaf fielding

OneSAF Fielding

Onesaf software distribution training


  • OneSAF.NET

  • The OneSAF Help Desk

  • The OneSAF Community Forum


Raul SedaHelp Desk Support rseda@ideorlando.orgPhone: 321-235-7625 / Fax: 321-235-1606



Onesaf users conference

OneSAF Users Conference


King room standalone demonstrations

King RoomStandalone Demonstrations

  • Standalone:

    • Version 2.0

    • Objective Force Version 1.5.1

  • Collaborative Planning

  • C2 System





C2 Systems

Queen room layout distributed demonstrations

Queen Room LayoutDistributed Demonstrations


  • Continuous Runs of Distributed Training Scenario

  • Hands On Instruction in:

    • Technical Control

    • Distributed AAR / Stealth

    • Standard Behaviors

    • COE Behaviors

      Come & Try OneSAF

      Ask Questions







Period of instrucion

Period of Instrucion

Onesaf software distribution training

OneSAF Operator Training

  • Control of Your Workstation

    • Management and Control Tool (MCT)

    • Create Palette (Control Measures)

    • Set Side Relationship

    • Preferences

  • Movement

    • Move Tactically

    • RWA Move Tactically

    • Tunnel

    • Hitch/Unhitch

    • Mount/Dismount

  • Setup Engagements

    • Set Apparent Side

    • Set Engagement Criteria

  • Supplies / Logistics

    • Change / Add Basic Load

    • Cross Level Supplies

    • Tailgate Re-Supply

* Instructors will not teach Doctrine or Tactics

Onesaf software distribution training

OneSAF Operator Training

  • Survellience / Recon

    • Conduct UAV Surveillance

    • Conduct Air Reconnaissance

    • Conduct Ground Reconnaissance

  • Practical Exercises

  • Battlefield Operations

    • Emplace Mine

    • Assault Building

    • Issue Fire Order

    • Conduct Ambush

    • Conduct Interview

    • Emplace Minefield

    • Clear / Mark Lane

    • Fire Weapon

    • Disperse Circular

  • COE Operations

    • Construct HVIED

    • Detonate Self

* Instructors will not teach Doctrine or Tactics

Onesaf technical training system administration planning phase

OneSAF Technical TrainingSystem Administration / Planning Phase

  • OneSAF Install (conducted on Site Equipment not on OneSAF Mobile Training Lab)

    • Linux Install

    • Windows Install

  • C4I Adapter(conducted on Site Equipment not on OneSAF Mobile Training Lab requires computer with dual network cards and C4I device)

    • Install

    • Configuration

    • Lessons learned documents

  • Composers (System Composer, Behavior, Entity, Unit)

    • Load

    • Modify Compositions

    • Practical Exercise

  • MSDE - Military Scenario Development Environment

    • Setup and Configuration

    • Create Scenario

    • Import Into OneSAF

Note: The SWDT will not conduct training in relation to Code Change or “Getting Under The Hood” of OneSAF.

Onesaf technical training simulation control

OneSAF Technical TrainingSimulation Control

  • SCAMT – Simulation Configuration & Asset Management Tool

    • OneSAF Networking

    • Configuration of Node

    • Running Distributed Exercise

    • Practical Exercise

  • Battle Master / MCT – Simulation Control

    • Loading Scenario

    • Task Organization

    • Setup and Control of Battle (Movement, Resupply)

    • Save / Checkpoint

    • Practical Exercise

  • AAR – After Action Review

    • Setup and Configuration

    • Run Scenario / Collect Data

    • Review AAR Products

Onesaf software distribution training


Vignette 1 381 Entities

Vignette 2 654 Entities

Vignette 3 687 Entities

Vignette 4 897 Entities

Training schedule

Training Schedule

  • SWDT Overview

  • Program Overview

  • Training POI

  • Training Schedule


Onesaf software distribution training

Standard 5 Day Schedule

Onesaf software distribution training

Standard 8 Day Schedule

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