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Class Roadmap CPEG 324. 1950’s. Late 2010’s. Pre-silicon. Silicon. Post-silicon. 70’s. Late 90’s. Early-Silicon. Silicon. Late-Silicon. The Custom Era. The ASIC Age. ??. History of Computer Engineering. During Silicon Era, Chip Design was HOT… We are now entering Post-Silicon Era…

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Class Roadmap CPEG 324

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Class roadmap cpeg 324 l.jpg

Class RoadmapCPEG 324

History of computer engineering l.jpg


Late 2010’s





Late 90’s




The Custom Era

The ASIC Age


History of Computer Engineering

During Silicon Era, Chip Design was HOT…

We are now entering Post-Silicon Era…

Platform Design is now HOT…

Slide3 l.jpg

Birth of Platform-Based Design

  • Established P-BD concept as a paradigm shift for gigascale design (leverage costs per design win)

  • Developed Formal Models for Platform Specification and Exploration


EDN, August 2003

Mescal Architecture Description (MAD)


Modern Embedded Systems: Compilers, Architectures, and Languages

Multi-partner effort:GSRC, Intel, Cypress,

Cadence, BWRC

“Alberto Triangles”

Silicon Implementation

Platform methodology is now widely used

What is platform based design l.jpg

What is Platform-Based Design?

  • Design systems using existing ICs

    • Programmable devices (i.e. FPGA)

    • Commercial micro-processors

    • Application Specific Chips (i.e. CCD, SerDes)

  • Use hardware-description languages

    • System simulation

    • Logic Synthesis (i.e. Code-to-FPGA)

  • Printed-circuit board design

  • Software/Hardware Co-Development

    • Device drivers, DMA, etc.

Platform based design at udel l.jpg

Platform-Based Design at UDEL

  • CPEG 324 – Computer System Design I

    • System Design

    • System Simulation

    • Printed Circuit Board Design

    • Introduction to VHDL

    • CAD Tools: Cadence Allegro, Synopsys VHDL

  • CPEG 422 - Computer System Design II

    • FPGA Design

    • Logic Synthesis

    • Full VHDL Coverage

    • Hardware Experiments

    • CAD Tools: Synopsys Synthesis, Xilinx FPGA

Platform based design at udel6 l.jpg

Platform-Based Design at UDEL

  • CPEG 324 – Computer System Design I

    • In this course you will design and simulate a printed circuit daughter-board for XSA-50 prototyping board from XESS Corporation. Your board design will implement a custom gigabit serial link interface. Gigabit serial links are used PCI express, Serial ATA (SATA), USB 2.0, FIREWIRE, DVI, HDMI and other applications. You will simulate your design in VHDL.

  • CPEG 422 - Computer System Design II

    • In this course, you will use the daughter-board from CPEG 324 with XSA-50 proto-board to design, implement and test various gigabit data transfer systems. You will use VHDL logic synthesis and Xilinx FPGA devices to implement your designs. You will have access to state-of-the-art test equipment to characterize performance of your designs.

50k test set for cpeg422 new l.jpg

$50K Test Set for CPEG422 – New!

Xsa 50 prototyping board l.jpg

XSA-50 Prototyping Board

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See Course Syllabus from Web.

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See Course Schedule from Web.

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See Course Project from Web.

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Read Me

  • New to this class…

    • New content

    • New classroom

    • New software

    • New Instructor

  • Take note of…

    • Organized Course Schedule

    • Rapid pace in lectures

    • Start project early and stay on-schedule

    • We enforce strict deadline policy

    • Understanding material (NOT syntax & memorization) is the basis for your exam performance.

    • No Final Exam!

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