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A journey from unconstrained to constrained
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A Journey from Unconstrained to Constrained:. Implementing Manufacturing Scheduling and ASCP. At a Glance. Global leader providing mission critical time and frequency solutions Headquartered in San Jose, CA. Offices throughout the US, as well as the United Kingdom, Germany and Malaysia

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A Journey from Unconstrained to Constrained:

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A journey from unconstrained to constrained l.jpg

A Journey from Unconstrained to Constrained:

Implementing Manufacturing Scheduling and ASCP

At a glance l.jpg

At a Glance

  • Global leader providing mission critical time and frequency solutions

  • Headquartered in San Jose, CA.

  • Offices throughout the US, as well as the United Kingdom, Germany and Malaysia

  • Manufacturing in SF Bay Area, Massachusetts and Puerto Rico

  • FY05 revenue $181M

  • ~800 employees

Markets we serve l.jpg

Enterprise and IT Networks


Space, Defense and Avionics

Government Communications

Markets We Serve

Wireless Networks

A sampling of customers l.jpg

A Sampling of Customers




Oracle environment l.jpg

Oracle Environment

  • Hosted by Oracle On Demand

  • E-Business Suite 11.5.10 CU1

  • Dell Servers running Red Hat Linux

  • Live since June 2001

Oracle modules l.jpg

Oracle Modules

  • Manufacturing

    • INV

    • WIP (Discrete)

    • ENG

    • BOM

    • MRP

  • Order Mgmt/CRM

    • OM

    • TeleService

    • Contracts

  • Miscellaneous

    • HR

    • ICM

  • Financials

    • AR

    • AP

    • GL

    • Projects

    • FA

    • Time&Labor

    • iExpense

  • Procurement

    • PO

    • iSupplier

    • iProcurement

Project madison l.jpg

Project Madison

  • Overall Project Goal

    • Project Madison will implement three distinct yet interdependent modules of Oracle: Manufacturing Scheduling, Advanced Supply Chain Planning and Global Order Promising

  • Primary Project Goal

    • Provide accurate Ship Dates to our customers quickly

Project madison8 l.jpg

Project Madison

  • Initial Rollout in our Aguadilla, PR facility

    • Includes about 80% of production

  • Focus on ASCP and Manufacturing Scheduling First

    • Fine tune GOP once ASCP and MS are stable

  • Use Internal Resources Primarily

    • Gain a deep understanding of products and processes

    • Less Expensive

    • Longer Project Timeline

Selling it l.jpg

Selling It

Operations Challenges

Project challenges l.jpg

Project Challenges

  • Dirty Data

    • PO & WO Dates not Maintained

    • Sales Order Ship Dates not Maintained

    • Short Orders Left Open (PO and WO)

    • Inaccurate Lead Times

    • Scrap not Scrapped

  • Systems and Application Issues

  • Team Resources

  • Change Management

Keys to capacity planning l.jpg

Keys to Capacity Planning

  • Accurate Routings

  • Accurate Capacity for Machines and People

Routing update l.jpg

Routing Update

  • Existing Routings Primarily Supported Costing

    • Only contained Human Resources

    • Used “Transit” resource to simulate extended machine time

    • Resources and Departments used legacy nomenclature

Sample Routing Here

Routing update13 l.jpg

Routing Update

  • Rules of Engagement

    • Don’t Change Standard Costs

    • Don’t Interrupt WIP

  • Complex Process Steps to Model

    • Test Operations

    • Operator Attended and Autonomous Processes

    • Shared Resources

    • Batchable Resources

    • Variable Process Times

Routing update14 l.jpg

Routing Update

  • Example:

Test Fixture Example Here

Routing update15 l.jpg

Routing Update

  • >1000 Routings to Update

    • Map Old Depts and Resources to New Depts and Resources

    • Insert Appropriate Machine Resources

    • Evaluate Scheduling Sequence for Depts with People and Machines

  • Prioritization

    • Items Averaging > 1 Job per Month

    • Items with Planned Orders

Routing update16 l.jpg

Routing Update

  • Keeping Things Simple

    • All Updates Made on Spreadsheets

Routing update17 l.jpg

Routing Update

  • More Simplicity

    • Use Standard Interface Tables and Processes

    • Insert Statements Created Using MS Word Mail Merge Functionality

-- to add new resources

insertinto bom_op_resources_interface










,1-- need 1 or 2

, 50





, 1-- basis_type


,1-- process_flag




Production cutover l.jpg

Production Cutover

  • Challenges

    • Lots of Work in Process

    • Reporting

    • Scheduling Process During Transition

  • The Plan

    • Leave WIP Alone (for now)

    • Ensure All New Jobs have Updates Routings

    • Tweak Capacity to Create ‘WIP Resistance’

    • After X Weeks Update any Open Jobs with Old Routings

Open issues l.jpg

Open Issues

  • Production Control Reorg??

    • Currently Personnel Segregated by Product Family

  • Maintaining Capacity

  • Fine Tuning

    • Mfg Sched Time Fence vs. ASCP Time Fence

    • Use of Penalties

    • Capacity/Usage/Assigned Units

Lessons learned l.jpg

Lessons Learned

  • Separate Project for Routing Update

  • Allow Time for WIP to Fill with Updated Routings

  • Emphasize Clean and Well Maintained Data

  • Expect and Allow Changes to Standard Costs

What we did right l.jpg

What We Did Right

  • Used Mostly Internal Resources

  • Completely Revamped Routings

  • Started in Largest Plant

Questions l.jpg







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