Applying to uni it s easy if you know what to do
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Applying to Uni: it’s easy if you know what to do… - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Applying to Uni: it’s easy if you know what to do…. Thinking about uni???. It’s a big decision … uni isn’t for everyone Take your application seriously … read and follow instructions Be responsible for your decisions and your application. Universities Admissions Centre

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Applying to uni it s easy if you know what to do

Applying to Uni:it’s easy if you know what to do…

Thinking about uni
Thinking about uni???

  • It’s a big decision … uni isn’t for everyone

  • Take your application seriously … read and follow instructions

  • Be responsible for your decisions and your application

What is uac

Universities Admissions Centre

processes applications for:

undergraduate courses

some postgraduate courses

educational access schemes (EAS)

equity scholarships on behalf of participating institutions

administers STAT in NSW

Calculates the ATAR in NSW and sends advice to HSC students

What is UAC?

What is the atar
What is the ATAR?

  • It’s all about POSITION – it’sa NUMBER that shows your position relative to other students

  • For example, if a student’s overall academic performance is good enough to place them in the top 15% of their age group → their ATAR would be 85.

Maximising your atar
Maximising your ATAR

  • The only way you can maximise your ATAR is by working to your potential.

  • It is NOT TRUE that your ATAR is influenced by:

    - the subjects you choose

    - the school you attend


Steps to applying
Steps to applying

1 Prepare

2 Apply

3 Manage

4 Accept offers

Step 1 prepare

Step 1Prepare


  • PINs – HSC and UAC

  • Name – legal name

  • Tax File Number – HECS-HELP

  • Prerequisites

  • UAC Guide

  • Choosing your courses


  • STAT

  • UMAT

    Include your candidate number when you Apply

  • Check other requirements including subject prerequisites and additional selection criteria

Uac 2014 guide
UAC 2014 Guide

  • General information about the participating institutions

  • Table of courses available with last year’s cut-offs

  • Detailed course descriptions

  • Additional selection criteria

Choosing your courses
Choosing your courses

  • Check out Uni Open Days

  • Choose courses that interest you, with subjects you are good at

    • up to nine courses, at up to 9 institutions

    • preference-based system

      Change your course preferences later – as many times as you like!

Step 2 apply

Step 2Apply


  • Uni

  • Scholarships

  • EAS

Apply to uni
Apply to UNI

  • APPLY online at

    applications open early August; on-time closing 28 September

  • LIST 1 to 9 courses in your order of preference

  • PAY processing charge PRINT confirmation and payment

  • CHANGE course preferences up to 4 January BUT check early closing dates

Apply for scholarships
Apply for scholarships

Through UAC:

  • Equity scholarships

    • apply online through UAC

    • check closing dates

  • Others:

    • Merit - direct application to uni

    • Commonwealth – Centrelink

Apply for eas
Apply for EAS

Educational Access Schemes (EAS)

  • EAS can help students who have experienced long-term disadvantage(s) – beyond their control - get into UNI

  • Students can claim from 24 Types of Disadvantage from six broad categories: disrupted schooling

    financial hardship

    home environment/ responsibilities

    English language difficulty

    personal illness and disability

    school environment

Eas cont
EAS (cont)

EAS is not open to applicants who are:

  • International fee-paying applicants

  • Claiming disrupted schooling arising from commitments as an athlete or performer

Step 3 manage

Step 3Manage


  • Selection rank

  • Bonus points

  • Additional selection criteria

  • Check & Change

  • Changing preferences

Selection rank
Selection rank

  • For most HSC students, your selection rank = ATAR

  • Bonus points and EAS points can change your selection rank for a particular course - they do not change your ATAR

  • Some courses have additional selection criteria


Bonus points
Bonus points

  • Bonus points can increase your selection rank for a particular course or a particular institution

  • Institutions allocate bonus points based on different criteria. Examples include:

    • subject bonus points

    • regional bonus points

    • EAS

Bonus points cut offs
Bonus points & cut-offs

Example – Bachelor of Sandology

6 applicants for 3 places:

1. 89 (ATAR of 89)

2. 88 (ATAR of 83+5 bonus points)

3. 87 (ATAR of 85+2 bonus points)


4. 86 (ATAR of 86)

5. 85 (ATAR of 76+9 bonus points)

6. 84 (ATAR of 84)

XX = selection rank

(Course cut-off = 87)

Bonus points DO NOT change your ATAR

Additional selection criteria
Additional selection criteria

Some courses don’t have a published cut-off.

  • Tests eg STAT & UMAT

  • Personal statement

  • Interview

  • Portfolio

  • Audition

Check change


contact details

course preferences



confirmation of application

correspondence from UAC

tax invoice

Add or modify qualifications eg STAT & UMAT

Check & Change

Changing preferences
Changing preferences

Change your course preferences before offer round deadlines …

  • Deadline for MAIN offer round

    Thursday 4 January 2014

  • After Main Round offers (16 Jan) you can change

    preferences for the LATE and FINAL rounds

Step 4 check and accept offers

Step 4Check and Accept Offers

Check and accept offers
Check and accept offers

  • Accept Main Round offer

    Main Round offers released

    9pm Wednesday 16 January 2014

    Most offers are made in the Main Round

    Follow institution instructions carefully

  • Keep options open

    Change preferences for LATE and FINAL rounds


  • Institution policies differ - follow instructions

  • Deferred place is guaranteed

  • Apply to pick up your deferred place direct to the uni or through UAC

  • If through UAC, you can list other courses above deferred course (if you’ve changed your mind)





4Accept offers