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RTI Wordle. As you walk in, find a seat with your grade level and fill the poster with words that come to mind when you think about RTI on your campus Each person write at least 3 words. “ Connected Conversations ” about RTI. RtI is not an isolated initiative. It connects :.

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RTI Wordle

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Rti wordle

RTI Wordle

  • As you walk in, find a seat with your grade level and fill the poster with words that come to mind when you think about RTI on your campus

  • Each person write at least 3 words

Connected conversations about rti

“Connected Conversations” about RTI

Rti is not an isolated initiative it connects

RtI is not an isolated initiative.

It connects:

  • Common curriculum

  • Students as they progress through the

    grade levels

  • Grade levels together as a team

A g reat c onversation

A Great Conversation....

  • Receptive in hearing the overall plan and the ideas from your peers

  • Productive contributors to the conversation.

G rade level specific plan

Districtoverall perspective

Campus look at logistics

Grade level specific plan.

Part 1 campus teams

Part 1 - Campus Teams

  • A specific look at the RtI calendar and how we are rolling out RtI this year...

  • A time for you to prepare for what’s ahead

Part 2 grade level teams

Part 2 - Grade Level Teams

  • Roll up your sleeves time for specific tools and resources we will use for RtI

  • Resources for Tier 1b

Deep breath

Deep Breath

  • Our support and staff development does not end today.

  • The blog with training materials will be available to you all nine weeks

  • Optional after school training on specific resources will be available

  • Grade levels have an assigned interventionist who will support you through every step of our RtI implementation initiative.

Rti wordle

We hope by the end of the year you will see how RtI connects people, resources and data.

We aim to have some new common words in our conversations about RtI like:



















Rti wordle

What words would you like your students to say about the time they spent with you during Tier Ib?

Part 2

Part 2

Calendar Time

Part 3

Part 3

RtI Tools and Planning Time

I station hints and reminders

I Station

Hints and Reminders

What is a universal screener

What is a Universal Screener?

A Universal Screener takes a look at a each child on a grade level using the same criteria.

Apples to Apples


These are given at specific points in time--

  • Beginning of the Year (BOY)

  • Middle of the Year (MOY)

  • End of the Year (EOY)

What is assessed at each specific grade level

What is assessed at each

specific grade level?

Grades K-3

ISIP Early Reading

ComprehensionLetter Knowledge

VocabularyPhonemic Awareness

SpellingAlphabetic Decoding


ISIP Spanish

Phonemic/Phonological Awareness Comprehension


Written Communication/Spelling

What is assessed at each specific grade level cont

What is assessed at each

specific grade level? (cont.)

Grades 4-5

ISIP Advanced Reading

Word Analysis




What is my part in the istation assessment

What is my part in the IStation assessment?

Your only responsibility is to take your class to the auditorium at the assigned time.

IStation is the Universal Screener

for grades 3-5.

K, 1st and 2nd take this assessment also to provide additional information along with the TPRI/Tejas Lee.

After the assessment now what

After the assessment, now what?

After looking at data, discussions will take place during a committee meeting with grade level reps, interventionists and administrators to determine who will receive 1b services.

I have kids to be served in 1b what do i do where do i go

“I have kids to be served in 1b--what do I do, where do I go?”

The Kid in the Cape vs.www.istation.com

The Kid in the Cape is how the kids log in to their specific program.

www.istation.com is whereI find teacher lessons, manage data and print reports on student progress

Tpri tejas lee


Why do the tpri tejas lee

Why do the TPRI/Tejas LEE?

TPRI--(Texas Primary Reading Inventory) English

Tejas LEE-- Spanish

These are the reading universal screeners for K, 1st and 2nd grades .

When are these given

When are these given?

BOY--Beginning of the year

MOY--Middle of the year

EOY--End of the year

See the calendar for specific dates for your grade level.

Interventionists will be giving the assessments.

What do you have to do

What do you have to do?

Please be flexible as we come to gather students from your rooms during the testing window.

Use the results to plan for 1b RtI groups.

The downlow on aims web

“The Downlow”

on AIMS Web

What is aims web

What is AIMS Web?

Here we go again . . .

It is a brief universal screener for grades 2-5.

(K and 1st begin mid year)

It’s a paper /pencil test with two parts:

MCAP-- (Concepts and Applications)

8 minutes

MCOMP--(Computation) 8 minutes

What do i have to do

What do I have to do?

Familiarize yourself with the directions.

“Stick with the script” for fidelity.

Look at an assessment sample.

Discuss how to score the assessment.

What do i have to do cont

What do I have to do? (cont)

Give assessment on the specified date.

(campus decision)

Score. Remember, no half credit!!!

  • Give the child the benefit of the doubt.

    Put the two scores in Aware.



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