Building a Relationship with Elected Officials

Building a Relationship with Elected Officials PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Why?. Be a Leader!Represent your PassengersRepresent your CommunityDon't be the Best Kept Secret in TownCan't develop your service without it. Basic Hints and Tips. Establish a RelationshipGoal: Be a ResourceTalk to AnyoneWork with StaffYou as Citizen

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Building a Relationship with Elected Officials

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1. Building a Relationship with Elected Officials Texas ITC Austin, Texas

2. Why? Be a Leader! Represent your Passengers Represent your Community Don’t be the Best Kept Secret in Town Can’t develop your service without it

3. Basic Hints and Tips Establish a Relationship Goal: Be a Resource Talk to Anyone Work with Staff You as Citizen — or You as Agency Representative

4. The Golden Rules Always Follow Up Always Highlight Your Mission/Values Always Let Them Know How to Contact You Never Assume Anything Always thank elected officials

5. What to Say Good News Shared Statistics Service Openings New Partnerships Benchmarks New Equipment New Goals

6. What to Say Make it Real (Never Waste Their Time) Connect with Major Local/State/National Events Human Interest Stories

7. What to Say Your Needs (better if you have a relationship first) Unserved areas Unserved programs Unserved issues Vehicle/facilities Have a Solution/Avoid Making Demands

8. What to Say Invitations to Events (anything that makes you look good!) Special Treatment if they Attend Avoid Overbearing Thank You’s

9. How to Say It Press Releases, Faxes Perfect for good news and invitations Make personal for friends Be Strategic Be Opportunistic Be succinct and tailor your message Tie it to your overall objectives

10. How to Say It Emails/Phone Calls Great for “Friends” Personalize and not officious Solicit a response Use only when appropriate Avoid annoying someone

11. How to Say It Meetings/Face-to-Face Do your homework Have a purpose – they’re busy Don’t be afraid to ask for something – they expect it! Don’t do their work for them Listen Connect your work with their issues

12. When You Get Home Bogren’s Pick 3 Develop Your List Invite a Visit/Ride-Along/District Visit Develop Short- and Long-Term Objectives Use the What to Say and How to Say as Guides Continue Doing the Great Work You Do!

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