Center for Entrepreneurship Development  UNIVERSIDAD ICESI Cali - Colombia

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Center for Entrepreneurship Development UNIVERSIDAD ICESI Cali - Colombia

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1. Center for Entrepreneurship Development UNIVERSIDAD ICESI Cali - Colombia US ASSOCIATION FOR SMALL BUSINESS & ENTREPRENEURSHIP Global Entrepreneurship Education Award

2. MISSION & PURPOSE Founded January 1st 1985 University Objectives President’s Dependency Full University Coverage

3. TEACHING OBJECTIVES To outline the importance of the Entrepreneurial Spirit, in the socio-economical development To identify, reinforce and develop the cultural components and the own values of the Entrepreneurial Spirit To attenuate and/or eliminate the myths and traditions that prevents the entrepreneurial career from being considered as a dignified and viable process, for its personal and professional development To know the stages and components of the process of new business creation

4. TEACHING OBJECTIVES To know the mechanisms and key concepts for the establishment and management of a successful enterprise. To approach the students to the real world of business To develop a positive attitude towards entrepreneurial innovation, whether as a personal activity or as a professional function To orient the educational processes, under the concept of entrepreneurial education To facilitate the creative-innovative process, for the development of an entrepreneurial culture filled with creativity and social responsibility

5. MAIN CONTRIBUTION TO CURRICULA First university in Latin America to integrate entrepreneurship as one the main university values First university in Latin America to built a Center for Entrepreneurship Development Entrepreneurial competences as one of the six basic objectives of the Business Program Five required courses in the Business Administration Program Two required courses in the Interactive Media Design. One required course in the: Economic & International Business, System Engineering, Telematic Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Industrial Design, Chemistry, Biology, Chemical Pharmaceutics Programs

6. MAIN CONTRIBUTION TO CURRICULA One required course in the Master of Business Administration Elective course in: Accountancy and International Finance, International Marketing and Advertising, Medicine`s program Possibility of required courses in: Sociology, Psychology, Political Sciences, Anthropology and Law Programs Electives courses for all the programs. Extracurricular seminars “Entrepreneurship for university student’s”

7. MAIN CONTRIBUTION TO CURRICULA EXPOICESI Start - UpCafé Latin American Congress on Entrepreneurship Internship in Entrepreneurship and in Family Business Degree project in entrepreneurship Opportunity to develop final course projects in SME’s


9. Entrepreneurship courses

10. UNIQNESS Educational model based on entrepreneurial competences Active learning as pedagogy “Competencia Empresarial “as hands -on learning First Latin American University to introduce ICT in the entrepreneurship courses (Web CT, Moodle) Business Plan Software First textbook in Spanish on Entrepreneurship (1991): Innovación Empresarial: Arte y Ciencia en la Creación de Empresa (Third Edition)

11. UNIQNESS First text book in Spanish on Entrepreneurship for High School: Crear Empresa Misión de Todos Latin American Congress on Entrepreneurship Summer Camp on Entrepreneurship First textbook in Spanish on Women Entrepreneurship ”Soy Mujer….. y Empresaria” Latin American representation in UNDP-ILO Project “Entrepreneurship Worldwide”. Outdoor training

12. RECOGNITIONS White L. Wilford Fellow , 2009 IC2 Fellow ( University of Texas-Austin) Best Doctoral Research in Family Business ( Universidad de Monterrey),2009 Best National Professor in Engineering & Business (1997) Selected by National Institute for Research advancement (NIRA) of Japan as one of the best think tank in Latin America Select by USA`s Think Thank Societies as one of the best think tank in Latin America ,2007 Selected by IDB for the research “El Nuevo Rostro Empresarial”

13. RECOGNITIONS Selected by IDB to develop the project “Red PyME” Selected by IDB to transfer our educational model to the “Jóvenes con Empresa” project Member of the Colombian Committee for the Colombia National Policy for the development of entrepreneurship Selected by the International Investment Corporation to carry on the FINPYME Project. Selected by PROEXPORT to execute the projects “EXPOPYME”, “Exporting Networks”, “Sectorial Networks”.

14. RECOGNITIONS Selected by BANCOLDEX to design and execute the program “Aprogresar”, “New Business Developments”, “Microenterprise Management” Selected by GERA to carry on the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor on Colombia (GEM) Selected by COLCIENCIAS to evaluate the Business Plan of the FINBATEC Project Selected by SENA as “Centro de Apoyo al Emprendimiento” “Premio a la Cultura Empresarial” in category authors, (2007).  

15. QUALITY & EFFECTIVENESS 35% of our alumni ,graduated from 1984 to 1999, did became entrepreneurs 97% of our actual students had in their minds the intention to become entrepreneurs More than 150 students (our total student body is 4000) are actually in the Start-up Café Winners of National Business Plan Contests

16. QUALITY & EFFECTIVENESS Finalist of Intenational Busines Plan Contests In the best 15 young entrepreneurs of Colombian the last 15 year, 3 were ICESI’s alumni Many universities in Latin America are using our educational model Many professor in Latin America has been trained in our methodology Our text book is used in most of Latin America universities

17. OTHER ACTIVITIES Research Activities Outreach Activities Service Activities Difussion Activities Support to Incubators

18. TRANSFERABILITY University Professor’s training (Colombia, Chile, Perú, Bolivia, Ecuador, Panamá, México, Honduras, Guatemala, Costa Rica, República Dominicana, Puerto Rico) Latin American Congress on Entrepreneurship (Colombia, Chile, Perú, Brazil, Panamá, Puerto Rico, Costa Rica, México) High School teacher’s training (Colombia, Perú, Honduras, República Dominicana)

19. NEW DEVELOPMENT Start SBDC model in Colombia Execute FINPYME Design New Courses Improve Entrepreneurial Competences Evaluation

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