Florida stc 991 160 11 2 statewide and global courier services training overview
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Florida STC 991-160-11-2: Statewide and Global Courier Services Training Overview - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Florida STC 991-160-11-2: Statewide and Global Courier Services Training Overview . Supported by. WebEx “Housekeeping”.

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Florida stc 991 160 11 2 statewide and global courier services training overview
Florida STC 991-160-11-2: Statewide and Global Courier ServicesTraining Overview

Supported by

Webex housekeeping
WebEx “Housekeeping”

  • Once again, to prevent background noise and assure sound quality for all participants, please press *6 to mute your phone, and #6 to un-mute, or use your phone’s mute button.

  • Please do not use your phone’s hold feature.

  • Submit questions any time by using the Chat Box feature in the lower right-hand corner of the WebEx screen.

  • We’ll have a formal Q/A wrap-up at the end of our presentation.


  • How we came to the new contract.

  • Why!

  • New Contract

  • Award Vendors

  • Deliverables

  • Benefits of new contract.

Historical Overview

Contract Overview

Contract Benefits

  • Any Questions?

  • Contact Information

Ways to reduce cost.

Cost Saving Tips & Ideas

Questions / Contact Us

Historical contract overview
Historical Contract Overview

  • Courier Services Contract 991-160-11-1 began Aug. 13, 2010. This contract included county-based couriers for same day service and FedEx for statewide and global.

  • On November 12, 2010 – Terminated for Convenience

    • FedEx end date January 30, 2011 @ 11:59 pm.

  • On November 17, 2010 – New Contract solicitation launch.

  • Awarded on December 20, 2010 to both FedEx and UPS

  • Contract Signed by the contractors January 13, 2011.

Contract overview
Contract Overview

  • New State Term Contract No.: 991-160-11-2.

  • Term 5 years with 5 years renewal.

  • Contract Date: January 31, 2011 – January 30, 2016.

  • Two Awarded Vendors:

    FedEx and UPS

  • Each State Agency has the option to choose either Contractor for services.

  • FedEx account numbers should not change.

Contract information
Contract Information:

STC Web page:


  • Discount Summary

  • Vendor information

  • Price Sheets

  • Full Contract

  • Contract Manager Information

Contract overview1
Contract Overview

  • MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: if packages are not delivered within 5 minutes of the chosen Service Level.

Contract benefits
Contract Benefits

  • Two Vendors

  • Declared Value 50 percent less than standard.

    • Estimated Reduction of $50,000 per year.

  • Fuel Surcharge CAPs: Ground 6 percent and Express 10 percent.

    • Estimated Reduction of $150,000.

  • Better than State of New York Pricing in most areas.

  • Major reductions than current contract pricing

    • Savings Models

Savings model first overnight
Savings Model – First Overnight

Savings model next day am
Savings Model – Next Day AM

Savings model next day pm
Savings Model – Next Day PM

Savings model 2 nd day express air
Savings Model - 2nd Day Express Air

Savings model 3 rd day express air
Savings Model – 3rd Day Express Air

Cost saving tips and ideas
Cost Saving Tips and Ideas

  • Combine shipments to the same address:

    Example : a person in Tallahassee sends average 10 individual pieces of mail a day to Jacksonville. Coming from the same person and signed by the same person each one pound Priority Standard (FedEx Term)

Cost saving tips and ideas1
Cost Saving Tips and Ideas

  • Papers should not normally have declared value

    Example : Sending of Checks with declared value:

Cost saving tips and ideas2
Cost Saving Tips and Ideas

  • Avoid using First Overnight

    Example First Overnight costs $42 for the letter pack:

    From Tallahassee to Anywhere in the State:

Cost saving tips and ideas3
Cost Saving Tips and Ideas

  • Use Ground Not Express in State

Cost saving tips and ideas4
Cost Saving Tips and Ideas

Use on line shipping tools provided at:



No Ground on Hand Written Tickets

Cost saving tips and ideas5
Cost Saving Tips and Ideas

Use on line shipping

  • Saves time - about 2 minutes per package.

    • That can calculate to savings with 20,000 packages

      2 minutes extra per package @ .20 per minute - $12/hr.

      Savings of $8,000/month or $96,000/year.

  • Saves money online system checks addresses to make sure they are deliverable.

    • Each address correction adds $10 to $15 to each shipment.

    • No discrepancies like with handwriting errors.