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Dna computing with logic gates
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DNA Computing with Logic Gates. Traditional Logic Gates. An XOR Gate Implementation:. DNA AND Gate. Process of ANDing. Electrophoresis measures the size of each strand This provides the ‘output’ for the two strands

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DNA Computing with Logic Gates

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Dna computing with logic gates

DNA Computing with Logic Gates

Traditional logic gates

Traditional Logic Gates

An XOR Gate Implementation:

Dna and gate


Process of anding

Process of ANDing

  • Electrophoresis measures the size of each strand

  • This provides the ‘output’ for the two strands

  • A DNA sequence that is the length of the two individual strands represents an AND operation

Or gate

OR Gate

  • OR operation is also possible to construct using the same process

Not gate

NOT Gate

  • Not yet developed

  • Thus more complicated gates such as the XOR gate can not be developed.

  • Together the AND, OR, and NOT gates can be combined to form any logic system. So these complex systems cannot be developed until the NOT gate is created.



  • The Rochester team is one of the first to seriously consider whether DNA computers might be used for problems now routinely done by electronic computers, and to emulate the way electronic computers "think."

Dna gates in dna computers

DNA Gates in DNA Computers

  • DNA gates could make DNA computation even faster by speeding the tally of the DNA strands that serve as answers to computations.

  • Rather than running the DNA through a slow gel electrophoresis, researchers could add labeled strands to a DNA chip, which consists of hundreds of squares containing different known strands of DNA.

  • The added DNA binds to the strands in the square containing its complementary DNA sequence, and scientists could use the labels to detect the DNA answers.

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