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The Connectors!. Prepositions. School House Rocks Prepositions!. Defined page L43-44. Preposition (P) – a special group of words that connects a noun or pronoun to the rest of the sentence. Prepositions must have objects of prepositions.

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The Connectors!


School House Rocks Prepositions!


Defined page L43-44

  • Preposition (P) – a special group of words that connects a noun or pronoun to the rest of the sentence.

  • Prepositions must have objects of prepositions.

  • Object of the preposition (OP) – the noun or pronoun after the preposition. To find the object of the preposition, find the preposition then ask what or whom.

  • If there is no object of the preposition, then the suspected preposition is usually an adverb.

  • For example: I fell down. Down has no object and is an adverb because it tells where I fell. I fell down the stairs. Down what? stairs = OP.


aboardabout aboveacross




betweenbeyondbut (except)by


forfrom ininside

into likenearof

off onontoopposite

outoutside overpast

sincethrough throughoutto

toward underunderneathuntil

upupon withwithin


Source: BK English Level II


  • In each example, find the prepositional phrase.

  • Find the preposition (P), then ask who or what follows it.

  • Make sure the OP is a noun or pronoun.

  • Mark off the phrase with parentheses.

    P OP

  • Example: I fell (off my chair).

  • A large crowd has already gathered outside the courthouse.

  • All pest control products will be on sale for the next two weeks.

  • According to Tom and Suza, the picture of the governor in the newspaper was not flattering.

  • The jeweler showed the beautiful pearl necklace to Luisa.

  • Is their plane leaving at noon from the downtown airport?

  • Tourists may find a free city map at the Visitor’s Center.

  • The harvest festival of Sukkot begins in five days after Yom Kippur.

  • At the Chaco Culture National Historical Park are numerous prehistoric ruins of the Anasazi.

  • Can begonias and geraniums be grown outdoors in containers?

  • If we don’t leave right now, we’ll be late for the movie.

Writing Prepositional Phrases

  • Complete the following sentences with a prepositional phrase.

  • Make sure the phrase begins with a preposition and ends with a noun or pronoun for the object of the preposition.

  • Is that your notebook ______________in the cafeteria?

  • ___________________,Ted enjoys ice skating.

  • Couscous is a common dish ____________.

  • The Painted Dessert extends nearly two hundred miles ____________________in Northern Arizona.

  • _______________________, some Japanese women wear kimonos.

  • ________________Aunt Maisie gave me a subscription_________________________.

  • Mrs. Brown and the children left _____________ two hours ago.

  • Roscoe crawled _______________ and found himself covered ________________.

  • Next to the fireplace sat a large marble sculpture_______________.

  • Find out if there is enough space between the rows of seats___________________.

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