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Autonomy. ----by Group Three. Chen Dazhi. ---Translation. Lu Chen. ---Dictionary. Lv Chenyao. ---Website. Guo Tao. ---Song. Kang Jia. ---Experience. Dictionary. ---by Lu Chen. THE NEW SHORTER OXFORD ENGLISH DICTIONARY. on historical principles. EDITED BY LESLEY BROWN.

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----by Group Three

Chen Dazhi


Lu Chen


Lv Chenyao


Guo Tao


Kang Jia



---by Lu Chen



on historical principles


Volume 1 A-E


  • Autonomy n.

    1. The right or condition of self-government ( freg. Only in specified matters ) of a State, community, institution, etc.

    2. Freedom of the will.

    3. gen. Independence, freedom from external control or influence; personal liberty.

    autonomism n. = AUTONOMY

    autonomist n. an advocate of autonomy


---by Chen Dazhi

  • Autonomy自治 zi zhi

  • Independent

    the ability or opportunity to make your own decisions without being controlled by anyone else


---by Lv Chenyao


  • The reasons:

    1. Comprehensive

    It includes all of meanings and references

    about autonomy from easy to hard.

    2. Simplicity

    It is translated different popular

    language to understand easily.


---by Kang Jia

Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region

In China granted autonomy to a national minority national. I come from Inner Mongolia and regional autonomy instituted in my hometown.


---by Guo Tao

The wind that shakes the barley

i sat within the valley green

i sat me with my true love.

my sad heart strove the two between

the old love and the new love.

the old for her the new

that made me think on Ireland dearly.

while the soft wind blew down the glade

and shook the golden barley.

t'was hard the woeful words to frame

to break the ties that bound us.

but harder still to bear the shame

of foreign chains around us.

and so i said the mountain glen

I'll meet at morning early.

and I'll join the bold united men

while soft winds shook the barley.

t'was sad i kissed away her tears

my fond arm round her flinging.

when a foe, man's shot burst on our ears

from out the wild woods ringing.

a bullet pierced my true love's side

in life's young spring so early.

and on my breast in blood she died

while soft winds shook the barley.

but blood for blood without remorse

I've taken at oulart hollow.

I've lain my true love's clay like corpse

where i full soon must follow.

around her grave I've wandered drear

noon, night, and morning early.

with breaking heart when ever i hear

the wind that shakes the barley.

---by Dead can Dance

Thanks for your attention

---Viva la vida

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