Sheep Health Management  Disease Prevention is the Key to Success

Sheep Health Management Disease Prevention is the Key to Success PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Sheep Health Management Disease Prevention is the Key to Success

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1. Sheep Health Management Disease Prevention is the Key to Success Dean Oswald Animal Systems Educator Macomb Extension Center 309-836-2265

2. Sheep and Lamb Losses US -1994 - USDA

4. Health Management Calendar 60 Days Before Breeding Shear the ram Trim his feet / Use a foot-bath Protect from heat stress Measure scrotal circumference

5. 30 Days Before Breeding Vaccinate ewes (If problem is present) -Viborio (ovine form) -Leptospirosis -Chlamydia - Enzootic abortion of ewes -Soremouth (rams also) -Foot Rot (rams also) Deworm ewes and rams Trim feet and run through footbath

6. 14 Days Before Breeding Flush ewes by increasing the level of nutrition Turn in teaser ram

7. Breeding Time Measure Scrotal Circumference -compare with earlier measurement Remove Teaser Ram Use fertile ram with a marking harness

8. 60 Days After Ram Is Turned In Deworm all ewes and rams

9. 30 Days Before Lambing Shear ewes if you have adequate protection Deworm all ewes and rams (read labels) Adequate salt-mineral mix (no copper) Increase energy level (1lb. corn) Vaccinate pregnant ewes - Multivalent Clostridium bacterin (CDT-toxoid)

10. 30 Days Before Lambing Use a coccidiostat through weaning (deccox) Clean barns to bare ground Add 4 - 6 inches limestone (Ag Lime) Cover with fresh bedding

11. 10 Days Before Lambing Begins Set up lambing Pens and Cubicles Check Equipment and Supplies: feeding tube, castration & docking tools, injectable vitamin E & selenium (Bo-Se), heat lamp, disposable syringes, 7% iodine, surgical soap, delivery equipment

12. Lambing Time Place ewe and lambs in lambing pen Check udder and teats (wash - soap & H2O) See that lambs nurse, apply iodine to navels Give lambs clostridium CD antitoxin if ewes were not vaccinated / Deworm ewes Inject with vit E and Bo-Se Check for inverted eyelids Use heat lamps only if necessary / Don’t overuse Start Production Records

13. Lambing Time Continued Leave in lambing pens 1-3 days (depending upon strength of lambs and mothering ability) Dock lambs when they are removed from the lambing pens (tetanus antitoxin if ewes not vaccinated) Consider castrating male lambs at this time Vaccinate for soremouth if it has been a problem Group ewes and lambs (small groups) Later group ewes and lambs by: single, twin, or triplet & feed accordingly

14. 1 Week After Lambing Begins Set Up Creep Feeding Area Use high protein, palatable ration Place a light over the creep area Provide leafy legume hay Keep will bedded Make several openings for the lambs Protect feeders from lambs feet Provide water in or near the creep area

15. 30 Days After Lambing Vaccinate lambs 30 days old with clostridium CDT toxoid Give booster 2-4 weeks later Deworm Ewes and Rams

16. 1 Week Before Weaning Remove grain and protein supplement from ewes diet Allow the ewes access to water twice daily starting 2 days before weaning – day of weaning – and day after weaning

17. 60 Days After Lambing Wean lambs at about 60 days of age Leave ewes on roughage (no grain) Weigh lambs at weaning

18. 2 Weeks Before Going to Pasture Deworm ewes, rams and all lambs that you plan to keep for replacement or sell as breeding stock Trim feet and run through a footbath Vaccinate for foot rot if a problem exists (follow label recommendations)

19. Miscellaneous Items: Consider Breeding ewe lambs to lamb at 12-15 months of age. Maintain as a separate group Dip, spray, or dust for external parasites after shearing. Keep production records Use managed rotational grazing, crop residues to extend grazing and reduce feed cost Clip pastures if needed to control weeds Develop an efficient sheep-handling unit for your farm

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