magical states of matter
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Magical States of Matter

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Magical States of Matter - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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magical states of matter

Today we read in the Cherry Blossom gazette that Magical, Mysterious, Magnificent, Maria the Magician is coming to our town. The rumor is that she can change objects from liquid to solids and even gas on stage. Since we are all studying to become magicians ourselves someday, we need to figure out how she does this. So put on your capes, cone shaped hats and grab your wands and head on over to the computers. We need to solve the mystery of the amazing magical changes that occur when we add heat or cold to ordinary objects. This will help us to enlarge our own bag of tricks and eventually graduate from the School of Super-duper Magicians.

Magical States of Matter

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magician first class
Magician First Class
  • Calling all mini-magicians, please partner up with another apprentice you are going on this adventure together. Bring your Magical notebooks to record a few definitions to get us started. First you will read a little about the states of matter and then answer the questions below in your notebooks. Click on the wizard below.
  • Define Matter-
  • What are the three main states of matter?
  • Name at least one characteristic of each state.
  • What outside force can act upon matter to change its state? How?

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magician second class
Magician Second Class

Now magicians watch a short film on matter and then draw the three states of water in your notebook. Click on the iceberg below.

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magician third class
Magician Third Class

Magicians our next magical class is on how temperature affects different objects. So play the game below by clicking on the magician below and click on the Change it tab and then fill in the worksheet to achieve your magician third class status.

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master magician graduate
Master Magician graduate

Now you have completed all of the activities of the WebQuest. To get your Master Magician Certificate you will need to write a short story about how you would demonstrate the changes of matter on stage to mystify and educate your audience. Be prepared to share these stories with the rest of the class.