Pre departure ceremony july 2 peli 2011
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Pre-Departure Ceremony July 2, PELI-2011 PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Pre-Departure Ceremony July 2, PELI-2011. Baela Raza Jamil Director Programs . Pakistani Educational Leadership Project & Institute – or the art of the possible .

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Pre-Departure Ceremony July 2, PELI-2011

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Pre-Departure Ceremony July 2, PELI-2011

Baela Raza Jamil

Director Programs

Pakistani Educational Leadership Project & Institute – or the art of the possible

  • We gather today to bid farewell to the 8th Cohort of Pakistani educators ready for the 4 week Summer Institute at Plymouth State University (PSU) sponsored by the US State Department Bureau of Educational & Cultural Affairs (ECA) we must recognize that this is truly a microcosm of what Pakistan symbolizes :

    • Diversity of Landscapes - 9 Areas from FATA to Sindh

    • Diversity of Languages - 12 Languages

    • Diversity of Educational Experiences and Challenges

    • Bonding through rich, highly professional and caring shared experiences in USA & Pakistan as the Pakistani Education Leaders

PELI Coverage 2004-2011








Funded by the U.S. Department of State, Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs


PEL Project & Institute launched

  • Launched in FY 2003. In 2004 Pakistani Educational Leadership Institute (PELI) was the inaugural program superseding the 9/11 Commission Report that included a recommendation to “strengthen long-term U.S. international commitments to the future of Pakistan.

  • An open competition award in FY2007, an ECA grant supported institute implementation phase in Pakistan was added, creating a more robust & meaningful project.

Our Partners in Pakistan

  • Departments of Education – Public Sector

  • Universities & Higher Education Institutions – Public and Private Sector

  • Education Foundations

  • Civil Society Organizations (CSOs)NGOs

    • An opportunity to network, scale up and multiply the PELI impact… ..upgrade the diploma to a formal degree and share best practices widely and implement widely

Pakistani Educational Leadership Institute (PELI) & Project

  • The Pakistani Educational Leadership Project is a hybrid- takes place in both US and Pakistan

  • Professional development in: a) educational leadership for Pakistani educators and b) a cross-cultural and –educational exchange for Pakistan and U.S. citizens.

  • A Four Weeks Intensive US Phase of Professional development program for secondary level educators housed at Plymouth State University (PSU).

  • Follow-on professional development and implementation activities in Pakistan demonstrate impact and outcomes of institute training

Key players

  • Sponsors: The U.S. Department of State, Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs (ECA): grant funded the project

  • Hosts: Plymouth State University : hosts the externally funded project and project director

  • Pakistan Service Providers: Idara-e-Taleem-o-Aagahi (ITA) /Institute for Professional Learning (IPL): sub-award organization

  • Supported by: The US Embassy in Pakistan : For Visa Process & In-country Alumni and other relevant activities/programs

Cross Cutting Areas in PELI

  • Science,

  • English,

  • Mathematics,

  • Leadership;

  • Research and Evaluation;

  • ICTs,

  • Environment,

  • Citizenship,

  • Conflict Resolution and

  • Communication

The 8th Pakistani Educational Leadership Institute (PELI) 2011

Leadership in a Climate of Change

  • “Leadership in a Climate of Change” Project will support development of leadership skills and enhance literacy, specifically in environmental education skills. It will enable citizens to help build a sustainable future as part of a global learning community in the 21st century.    

Leadership in a Climate of Change


  • Examine tenets of leadership that address change for adaptation to Pakistan’s education reform

  • Explore environmental education models and standards that identify challenges and implement solutions in curricula and community

  • Provide enriched English immersion for enhancement of linguistic skills and cultural understanding

  • Translate Institute content, highlighting best pedagogical practices, into culturally and geographically appropriate initiatives to affect positive change and growth in literacy in communities in Pakistan

  • Share activities and outcomes with the global learning community

  • Foster respect amongst the diverse cultures of Pakistan and the United States by building relationships through cross-cultural and –educational exchanges that transcend boundaries

Team For the PEL Project’s Summer Institute 2011

Project Team:

  • Project Director: Ms. Blakeman H. Allen

  • Pakistan coordinator: Ms. Riffat Ayesha

  • Assistant to the Project: Ms. Sally Kilfoyle

  • Graduate Assistant: Adam Sheetz

    Institute Team:

  • Institute Coordinator: Andrea Ladd

  • Mary Lyon Residence Director: Julie Crisafi

  • Mary Lyon Residential Community Advisors: Lisa Dalzell; DeoMwano; Sam Wisel

  • Educational Leadership: Christie Sweeney, Leo Sandy, Kathleen

  • Technology: Jo Ann Guilmet, Norm Shippee. 

  • Master Action Portfolios: Julie Tallman, Kim Sychterz as leads. 

  • Environmental Education : Mary Ann and Marguerite Crowell

Overall Gender Profile for PELI

Overall % of Women (2004-11) = 70.5 %

Percentage of Women 2011= 75.0%

Female-Male ratio (2004-11)= 2.4 : 1

Female-Male Ratio (2011)= 3.0 : 1

PELI 2011

30 females (75%) and 10 males (25%) from Pakistan for the Summer Institute 2011

PELI Alumni Coverage Across Pakistan 2004-10

Criterion for Selection in PELI

An overwhelming 85% - 90% of the candidates are from the public sector institutions each year

Supplementary Criteria

  • Qualified candidates who have not attended trainings outside Pakistan previously.

  • Equity consideration for candidates in disadvantaged districts/areas.

  • Positive inter-personal and communication skills.

  • High possibility to extend learned skills to maximum teachers/educators upon return from USA.

  • Healthy and not in the family way (due to health complications in travelling).

  • Agree to sign an institutional commitment form for the institute and the post institute work.

Selection of the Candidates

  • Institutions are formally approached from geographical areas as per Grant Specifications from the Project USA, for nominations of preferred and alternate candidates (post 9/11 visa regime is strict).

  • Professional/institutional documents are submitted and vetted.

  • Written Tests and interviews of nominated candidates by a panel from ITA, target institution and PELI Alums.

  • Shortlisted candidates’ details are sent to the PELI Committee for review.

  • Successful candidates (both preferred and alternate) are notified for visa processing.

Alumni of the Program- Defining Features

  • The 160 PELI Alums have trained at least over 200,000 teachers/educators since their return – the MULTIPLIER EFFECT OF TEACHERS WITHOUT FRONTIERS.

  • A majority promoted since returning from the PELI experience.

  • The alumni are armed with attitudinal changes, research designs and master action plans (MAPs) to implement the knowledge skills and attitudes that they have acquired over the 4 week Summer Institute.

  • The alums are facilitated by the ITA-PELI secretariat in Pakistan for (a) MAP or research support grant disbursement and (b) follow up through field monitoring, on-line conversations and documentation.

  • The thematic master action plans of the 2008 -2011 alumni documented available on the websites of ITA/IPL and PELI-PSU.(, and or

Professional Network of PELI Alums

  • The alumni from 2004-2010 encouraged to work through virtual and face-to-face alumni networks

  • ITA has been encouraging PELI alumni to become members of this wider community and to benefit from continuous professional development, professional networking and opportunities for innovation.

  • The Alums of 2010 have just established a registered PELI Alumni Network in Pakistan housed at the Institute of Professional learning (IPL)/ITA.

  • The alumni are being tracked rigorously by ITA/IPL and linked to other networks such as the Professional Teachers Association Network (PTAN) in Pakistan.

  • The PELI Network has just produced its PELI Directory 2004-2010 to be updated each year for outreach to teachers without frontiers

Resources Available for Alumni of U.S. Department of State

  • All alumni are encouraged to join the Pakistan-U.S. Alumni Network, an umbrella organization of over 8,000 U.S. government-funded alumni of exchange and English language programs, which actively promotes and funds alumni-organized community activities.

Celebrating & Valuing Diversity

  • Each year since 2004 the PEL Project & Institute is best symbolized by local and cross cultural diversity

  • Pakistani educators selected from all corners of the county through a very transparent process- the best and most deserving

  • They spend 4 weeks with each other not just reaching out to their counterparts in USA but also to each other within Pakistan – they rarely have an opportunity to meet across provinces – this Program provides them with just that

  • First Time for Many : Not just the Great Lakes of New Hampshire & Washington but for many it is also Taxila & Islamabad for the first time – an opportunity to celebrate

    heritage, rich contexts and value of diversity

Proposal - I for the Future PELI II To be Simultaneously Held in PAKISTAN in Collaboration with PSU

  • Multiplying Education Leadership & Environmental Stewardship for Pakistani Educators in USA & Pakistan

  • Expand the PEL Project & Institute through a two pronged sustainable approach

    • Summer Institute & Follow On Program in Pakistan for 30-40 participants annually – simultaneously on the same pattern as at PSU and in collaboration with PSU

    • Summer Institute in USA /at Plymouth State University & Follow On Program in-country in Pakistan

    • Annual Conference of selected high performers in Pakistan with publishable learning materials for wider usage in Pakistan schools and universities

Proposal II : From PELI Diploma to Masters Program- 15 Graduate Credit Hours by PSUs – A Case of Pioneering Professional Up gradation!

  • Strategic conversations at PSU by 2009 cohort finally led to professional up gradation .. PSU’s College of Graduate Studies (CoGS) supported by its President & Provost have generously decided to award 15 Graduate Credit Hours for the PEL experience in USA & Pakistan . The participants need to enroll in this option upon arrival.

  • In Pakistan the Institute for Professional Learning (IPL), ITA’s subsidiary & its partner universities will provide facilitation in Pakistan for support to the in-country work.

  • We, at IPL can offer blended courses for the extra 15 credit hours to take it to a Masters Program, expanding enrolment in higher education for Pakistan ..for our educators especially women in this case

An Opportunity to Earn Graduate Credit Hours- details

Options the On-Campus work:

  • EP 5400 – Educational leadership and Planning (3 cr) – This will be the on-campus MAP course, for which Kim would be the instructor of record (i.e., the person who can enter grades).

  • EP 5430 – Intercultural Human Relations (3 cr) – This will be the work done with Christie, Kathleen, and Leo. Christie would be the instructor of record.

  • EP 5430 – Environmental Stewardship and Intercultural Collaboration (3 cr) – Faculty will be Mary Ann, Warren and Marguerite; Mary Ann will be the instructor of record.

    Options MAP – Master Action Plans – Post Summer Institute in Pakistan

  • EP 5440, The work completed after the return to Pakistan (the full MAP) would be worth 6 credits.  If it is allowed by the way the course was set up and approved, participants would register for 6 credits of EP 5440,

  • EP 5410 Capstone Experience. If that is not permitted, they would register for 3 credits of EP 5410, Special Topics in Intercultural Education, as well as 3 credits of EP 5440.

  • George Tuthill would be the instructor of record, and grades would be entered after the final MAPs are received and evaluated by a team of faculty here at PSU.

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