Professor John Goree & Lou Datilio
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Professor John Goree & Lou Datilio. Gravity Weight Falling in Space: Microgravity (Weightlessness). Q. What keeps you from floating out of your chair, when you are seated?. A. Gravity. Q. Why does everything dropped (here, the apples) fall downward?. A. Gravity.

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Presentation Transcript

Professor John Goree & Lou Datilio

  • Gravity

  • Weight

  • Falling

  • in Space: Microgravity (Weightlessness)

Q. Why does everything dropped (here, the apples) are seated?fall downward?

A. Gravity

All things attract one another

Falling are seated?

Pictures taken (at regular intervals) of a ball falling

Falling are seated?

All objects fall at the same speed (without air resistance)

Falling are seated?

Throwing a ball at different speeds

Falling are seated?

Throwing it hard enough might make it go into orbit around the earth

Demonstration: are seated?

Java applet

(Fowler’s Physics Applets)

Weight are seated?

Demonstration: are seated?

weight on a bathroom scale

Weight are seated?

Weight and Weightlessness inside an elevator

They are alike, because both are falling

Video: free fall are seated?

Weightlessness are seated?

astronauts inside their spacecraft

Microgravity weightlessness

Space Station months are seated?

Space shuttle <17 days

Sounding rockets 10 min

KC-135 20 sec

Drop towers 5 sec

Vomit Comet


“Microgravity” = “Weightlessness”

Parabolic airplane flights

Microgravity are seated?

Parabolic airplane flights

=vomit comet

Spacecraft mir space station
Spacecraft: Mir Space Station are seated?


Spring, 2000

International Space Station are seated?


Iss assembly sequence
ISS - Assembly Sequence are seated?

1998 - 2006

International Space Station are seated?



Demonstration cars are seated?

Video Astronauts in Space Shuttle

Demonstration: basketball are seated?

Video: basketball in space

Microgravity are seated?


at the Univ. of Iowa Physics Dept.

Pke plasmakristall experiment

1999 - Parabolic flight tests are seated?

  • 2000-01 - ISS

    • Dec. 2000 - launch

    • 2001 - the 1st physical sciences

    • experiment on ISS

PKE flight hardware with 1st & 3rd ISS crews

PKE - Plasmakristall Experiment

Germany, Russia, U.S.

Pke accommodation
PKE accommodation are seated?


(Russian Service Module)

ISS - assembly 1R

July 25, 2000

Inside Zvezda are seated?

Inside Zvezda are seated?

Inside Zvezda are seated?

Pke logo
PKE logo are seated?

PKE are seated?

  • Launched:

    • on Russian Progress rocket

    • from Baikonur, Kazakhstan

    • March, 2001

  • Will be done:

    • end of 2001

    • hardware will go through destructive re-entry

Demonstration: are seated?

Screen up

Water balloon