second life the next dimension for libraries cathal mccauley reader services 23 2 2007
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Second Life – The next dimension for Libraries? Cathal McCauley, Reader Services 23.2.2007

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Second Life – The next dimension for Libraries? Cathal McCauley, Reader Services 23.2.2007 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Second Life – The next dimension for Libraries? Cathal McCauley, Reader Services 23.2.2007. What is Second Life? (SL) - 1.

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what is second life sl 1
What is Second Life? (SL) - 1

Second Life is a 3-D virtual world entirely built and owned by its residents. Since opening to the public in 2003, it has grown explosively and today is inhabited by a total of 3,865,315 people from around the globe.

what is second life sl 2
What is Second Life? (SL) - 2
  • Own currency (c270 Linden dollars = US$1)
  • Communication (currently IM but soon voice)
  • ‘Civil’ partnerships (and divorce)
  • Not all fun…..much more than a game
second life and the traditional www
Second Life and the ‘traditional WWW’
  • Content similar in many ways i.e. sex, gambling and rock-n-roll very popular
  • Issues similar in many ways (especially to early web ) i.e. US dominated, uncertainty, rapid change, copy right concerns, moral issues and viruses.
  • Some new issues too - Second Life Liberation Army, Riots…
  • Most importantly – reminiscent of web mid-1990s.
has sl s time arrived
Has SL’s time arrived?

“I am getting the same feeling about SL that I got about the web in 1994”

Stephen Abram (VP of Innovation, Sirsi Dynix)

“We think there is a phenomenon occurring . . . something huge here. We\'ll see the rise of the new Googles, the new Amazons”

Collin Perris (Head of Digital Convergence, IBM)

“We are planning to establish a Swedish embassy in Second Life primarily as an information portal for Sweden,"

Olle Waestberg (Director Swedish Institute)

education in second life
Education in Second Life
  • Many US universities in SL (including Berkley, Harvard & Stanford)
  • Universities from other countries too: UK, Australia, Denmark, France, The Netherlands etc.
  • Delivering real classes to students, skills practice, seminars, conferences.
  • Key drivers: distance learning, media, technology, and design classes and…. Libraries.
libraries in second life
Libraries in Second Life
  • Infoislands I and II (Genealogy Research Centre, Library Gallery, Mystery Manor, Performance Centre, Science Centre and SF/Fantasy Centre)
  • Health Info Island
  • The Caledon Branch Library
  • Cybrary City Island
  • Eye4You Alliance (Teen Second Life)
ireland in second life
Ireland in Second Life
  • About 40 locations relating to Dublin/Ireland in SL
  • Dublin in second life
  • PR, design, music dominated
  • Growing evidence of educational use
  • RTE preparing for SL?
ucd library in second life
UCD Library in Second Life
  • Cutting edge = risk
  • Opportunity to lead, following is easy!
  • Risk is small versus potential reward
  • Need to agree who, what, when and ……


  • FUN!