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iPad Basic Training. Everything you wanted to know but were afraid to ask a 2-year-old. Overview. About iOS Devices Device Basics Settings iTunes and App Store App Management Evaluating Apps Browsing Camera Apps: Productivity Toolkit. iOS Devices. Multi-touch technology

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Presentation Transcript
Ipad basic training

iPad Basic Training

Everything you wanted to know but were afraid to ask a 2-year-old.


About iOS Devices

Device Basics


iTunes and App Store

App Management

Evaluating Apps



Apps: Productivity Toolkit

Ios devices
iOS Devices

  • Multi-touch technology

  • Up to 10 hours of battery life

  • Instant on

  • Internal mic

  • WiFi (or WiFi + 3G)

  • HD video camera

  • Safe and secure

  • Built-in accessibility

  • Free iOS updates

Ipad controls
iPad Controls

Front Camera

Status Bar


Multi-touch Screen

Screen View Indicator


Ipad controls1
iPad Controls


Headphone Jack

Back Camera


Dock Connector


  • Swiping

    • Right, left, up, down

    • Where am I?

  • Search

    • Swipe down from the center

    • Double click home button

  • On-screen keyboard

    • Activate

    • Hide

Status bar
Status Bar

  • Wireless connection indicator

  • Time

  • Bluetooth

  • Battery status

    • Charging

    • Not Charging

      • Laptops and some USB ports


  • Personalize your iPad

  • Set the date and time

  • Configure your network connection

  • Change other iPad settings

  • Control features in apps

  • And more…


  • WiFi

    • Connect (check status bar)

  • General Settings

    • Date and Time

    • Auto-Lock

    • Restrictions

    • Etc.

  • Navigation arrows


  • VoiceOver speaks items on the screen

  • Zoom magnifies the entire screen

  • Larger Text makes text larger in Contacts, Mail and Notes

  • Physical & Motor settings for easy access

Scavenger hunt
Scavenger Hunt

  • Change your wallpaper

  • Change your text size

  • Turn off background app refresh

  • Add the Emoji keyboard

  • Shut off your keyboard clicks


  • Source for content

    • Music

    • Movies

    • TV Shows

    • Podcasts

    • Audiobooks

    • Apps

  • Must have an iTunes account to download apps

    • Do not need credit card to download free apps

    • Each district will have a specific plan/program for app and iPad management.

App management
App Management

Appsbergers: an addiction to apps

  • Moving

  • Deleting

  • Making folders

  • Viewing and closing open apps

  • Evaluating apps

Moving and deleting apps
Moving and Deleting Apps

  • Touch and hold any icon until all “jiggle”

  • Can slide any icon to rearrange or put on another screen

  • Can delete installed apps by touching x

  • Cannot delete “native” apps

Creating folders
Creating Folders

  • Press and hold any icon until all “jiggle”

  • Drag one icon on top of another

  • Folder window will open with suggested name

    • Can rename

  • To remove, press and hold, drag out of folder

View and close open apps
View and Close Open Apps

  • Double click Home button

  • Open apps appear with the app icon at the bottom

  • Lightly swipe up on the open page

  • Does not remove app from device

App store
App Store

  • Searching for apps

  • Selecting compatible apps for your device

    + next to price indicates universal app

  • Customer ratings and reviews

  • Related apps from the same company

Downloading apps
Downloading Apps

  • Can download either on iPad or on computer through iTunes to sync with iPad

  • Click Free or Buy App

  • Click Download

  • Enter password

  • Download starts automatically

  • Will sync with iTunes next time you connect with computer


  • Safari

    • Access the keyboard

      • .com key

      • Hide the keyboard

    • User’s manual

    • 50 top tips and tricks: http://www.techradar.com/news/computing/apple/50-really-useful-ipad-tips-and-tricks-688556

    • Adding and accessing bookmarks

    • Zooming in and out

    • Viewing and closing multiple pages


  • Switching cameras

    • Rotation lock to make shutter access easier

  • Focus and light meter

  • Switching from still to video

  • Screen Shots