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Digestive System Review. Identify each structure labeled in the diagram . o ral cavity. stomach. g all bladder. pancreas. l arge intestine. small intestine. rectum. Where does protein digestion begin ? What is the function of F ?

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Identify each structure labeled in the diagram.

oral cavity


gall bladder


large intestine

small intestine


Where does protein digestion begin?

What is the function of F?

3. Where are nutrients absorbed into the blood?

In the stomach

Absorb water

In the small intestine

4. What does C produce? Where does it go?

5. What is the function of G?

6. Chemical digestion is completed in this structure.

7. What type of digestion occurs in A?

Pancreatic juice

Goes to the small intestine

store bile

small intestine

mechanical and chemical

  • peristalsis

  • To push food through the digestive tract

esophagus, stomach, small intestine, large intestine

  • liver

  • to produce bile

chemical digestion of proteins

The esophagus pushes food down into the stomach using peristalsis.

  • Through which of these structures does food pass?

  • Which organs are not part of the gastrovascular tract? How do they aid in digestion?

Esophagus (A)

Small intestine (D)

Stomach (B)

  • Liver (F) – produces bile that goes to the SI

  • Gall bladder (E) – stores bile

  • Pancreas (C) – releases pancreatic juice into SI




Identify the nutrient being described:

  • Main source of energy

  • Used for growth and repair of body cells

  • Maintain normal functioning of the body

  • Type of fat that is liquid at room temperature

  • Makes up a large percentage of cytoplasm and blood

  • Carbohydrate that cannot be digested

  • Help prevent disease

  • type of fat that contributes to cholesterol

  • Small carbohydrates

  • Made up of many amino acids

  • Maintains bonesand teeth. Make up your rbc’s

  • Source of stored energy






Simple carbohydrates




Describe the role of the small intestine in digestion.

  • Where most chemical digestion occurs

  • Where chemical digestion is completed

  • Lined with VILLI which absorb nutrients into the blood