Total physical response tpr
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Total Physical Response (TPR) PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Total Physical Response (TPR). Presented by Ade Sudirman. A.TPR definition B. TPR Theory. C. The Forms of activities in TPR Method (Teaching and Learning). A. TPR Definition . Richards J in his book, Approaches and Methods in Language Teaching, TPR is defined:

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Total Physical Response (TPR)

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Total physical response tpr

Total Physical Response (TPR)

Presented by

Ade Sudirman

A tpr definition b tpr theory

A.TPR definitionB. TPR Theory

C. The Forms of activities in TPR Method (Teaching and Learning).

A tpr definition

A. TPR Definition

  • Richards J in his book, Approaches and Methods in Language Teaching, TPR is defined:

    “a language teaching method built around the coordination of speech and action; it attempts to teach language through physical (motor)


Total physical response tpr

  • TPR method is very simple ,contains elements of the game, and also can create a positive mood in the learner which can facilitate learning and thus increase motivation and achievement of students in these lessons.

Total physical response tpr

  • According to Asher:

    "The instructor is the director of a stage play in which the students are the actors.”

    It means that the teacher is a director in the show the story and in it students as actors or characters.

B tpr theory

B.TPR Theory

  • TPR language learning theory was first applied by Asher was reminiscent of some of the views of psychologists, such as Arthur Jensen who had proposed a 7-step model describing fatherly verbal learning development of children. Asher presents three influential learning hypotheses are:

Total physical response tpr

2. Brain describes different learning function on the left and right brain.

1.There is a bio-specific default program for learning the language that describes an optimal path for the first and second language development.

Total physical response tpr

3. Stress affects the activity of learning and what will be learned by students, stress the lower capacity then learning to be better.

C forms of activity in tpr method teaching and learning

C.Forms of activity in TPR Method (Teaching and Learning).

b. making Dialog or conversation

  • a. practice by using a command, is the main activity that teachers do in classrooms. Exercise is useful to obtain the physical movement and activities of students.

Total physical response tpr

  • c. playing role (Role Play), to focus on daily activities such as in schools, restaurants, markets, etc.

  • d. material presentation

Total physical response tpr

e. the activies of reading and writing to increase vocabulary and also trained on sentence structure based on tenses and so forth.

Total physical response tpr


TPRis a good method, because this method is very useful in increasing the motivation of students, especially in language learning.

Thank you

Thank You

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