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2009 New England Association of Circulation Executives Conference. Single Copy Session Steven Q Edwards. Session Overview. Panelist Introduction. Discuss strategies to help you grow revenue or reduce expenses

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2009 New England Association of Circulation ExecutivesConference

Single Copy Session

Steven Q Edwards

Panelist introduction

Session Overview

Panelist Introduction

  • Discuss strategies to help you grow revenue or reduce expenses

  • Provide a contact at each newspapers discussed to investigate the strategy or tactics

  • Question and discussion opportunity

  • Steve Edwards, The Atlanta Journal Constitution Director of Retail Sales and Partnerships

  • Karen Sickles, Prescient Delivery Director, Advanced Commerce Services

  • Jim Tallant, Fry’s Food and Drug Division Supervisor

Capitalize on the BIGGEST newspaper of the year

The Strategy

  • News content

  • Advertising opportunities

  • Marketing and Promotion

  • Strategic partnerships

  • Circulation Sales

    Goal: Drive Advertising and Circulation Revenue

News -- Content

  • Thanksgiving Day Content in every section of the paper leading up to the holiday

  • A1 Concept:

  • Your Guide to the Big Thanksgiving Weekend”

    • Living Section

  • Guide to weekend movies,

  • DVDs while your family's at home

  • Metro Section

  • Volunteer needs

  • Sports

  • The big local games

Advertising opportunities
Advertising Opportunities

Media Promotion

  • Media ad: “Be a part of the biggest day of the year”

  • Media ad after : Thank you for helping kick off the holiday season

  • Introduced special pick up rate for smaller advertisers to be a part of Thanksgiving paper

Marketing and Promotion

  • Promotional message: “Big Deals edition

  • Black Friday Events

    • Spend Black Friday selling the Thanksgiving day paper at local mall and movie theaters

  • Content Promotion

    Run 2-3 ads from Nov 16-26

  • Shopping Value Promotion

    Radio, TV, Billboards, Craig's list, Blog, POP

Strategic Partnership

  • Bulk Buy

    • CVS purchased 10K newspapers for delivery to targeted winter visitor areas

    • Cold Stone Creamery ran full page ad on Thanksgiving Day with a coupon worth $2

    • Key retailer partners provided dedicated racks for post Thanksgiving sales

Circulation Sales Plan

  • Objective: Sell 100% of the Gross Metro Draw

    • Redelivery to subscribers on vacation during holiday

    • Charge $1.50 for Thanksgiving paper

    • Maximize secondary single copy outlets

    • Managers merchandising in top 100 retailers

    • Harkins Theater purchased 10K papers including wrap to promote loyalty program

1st Paper Route Premium Concept

  • Charge premium price for the first paper sold, then sell the remaining papers at minimal charge

1st Paper Rate Model

Premium Concept

Give carriers incentive to grow sales

Reduces contractor’s incentive to steal from newspaper

Strengthens independent contractor status

Benefits to Newspaper

Incentive for contractor to increase sales

Reduces temptation for contractor to overstate returns

Distribution to ‘lower selling’ or out of the way dealers more attractive-increase sales

Sale increase via merchandising

Marginal accounts become profitable





Independent Status

Accounts previously

Too far, trouble

Become viable

Benefits to Wholesaler Partner




Increase Profits


Ending Inventory

Single Copy Circulation Challenges

  • More sales with fewer returns & sellouts

  • Accountability

  • Verification- Who, When, Where

  • Accurate & timely reporting

  • Customized reporting

  • Multi-Product Delivery

  • Earlier delivery