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New England. The Puritans. The Plymouth Colony The Puritans wanted to remove all vestiges of Catholicism from the Anglican Church (Church of England) The Pilgrims established the Plymouth colony as a place to practice the Puritan religion They were NOT tolerant of other religions!!

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the puritans
The Puritans

The Plymouth Colony

  • The Puritans wanted to remove all vestiges of Catholicism from the Anglican Church (Church of England)
  • The Pilgrims established the Plymouth colony as a place to practice the Puritan religion
  • They were NOT tolerant of other religions!!
  • In a view of things to come in New England, fish, fur and lumber become economic staples

Massachusetts Bay Colony

  • In 1629 a new group of Puritans gained a royal charter for a new colony
  • Just one year later, a wave of new Puritan immigrants, including John Winthrop, came to the New World
  • This was known as the Great Migration
  • Most were seeking freedom or fleeing the civil war in England
the baby steps to democracy
The Baby Steps to Democracy

Early Political Institutions

  • Minority Rule
    • Took the form of the Mayflower Compact
      • This allowed the Puritans to maintain control of Plymouth Colony.
  • Representative Government in Massachusetts
    • Members of the Puritan Church
    • Town Meetings
  • Limited Democracy:
    • Only white, 17 years old, male landowners were generally allowed to participate in the political process
problems in new england
Problems in New England

The Halfway Covenant:

  • The weakening of Puritan control led them to adopt the Halfway Covenant
  • People could become members of the church w/o making a full declaration of their belief in Christ
  • This was generally adopted because of the lessening interest of the colonial-born population in religious matters

King Phillips’ War:

  • The New England Confederation fought a vicious war against, Metacom, who had united the tribes in and around New England
  • The colonists eventually prevailed and this was the last significant challenge posed by the N.A. in New England
breaking away
Breaking Away

Rhode Island

  • Founded by Roger Williams as a haven for religious tolerance
  • Created to escape the intolerance of Puritan society for different religions.


  • The first constitution in America was drawn up by those in Conn.
  • The Fundamental Orders of Connecticut established a representative government.
  • It’s royal charter allowed them the freedom to choose their own governor
loss of the charter
Loss of the Charter
  • Massachusetts lost their colonial charter when they refused to pay the taxes required in the Navigation Act and tariff and trade laws.
  • Even in 1684, the desire for freedom was present in the colonies.
the salem witch trials
The Salem Witch Trials
  • In 1692, the town of Salem held trials to determine the guilt of accused witches.
  • In the end, twenty people, men and women, were put to death by hanging.
copy the following questions to answer during the video
Copy the following questions to answer during the video
  • Why was religion leaving Salem?
  • What divided the village in the beginning?
  • What sparked the mass hysteria of the Salem Witch trials?
  • What was considered evidence in the trials?
  • Why did some people confess even though they knew they were innocent?
  • How did the trials ultimately affect New England society?

The Mayflower Compact served to establish

    • Religious freedom throughout the colonies
    • The possibility of self-government
    • Trade agreements with England and France
    • A covenant between Separatists and non-Separatists
use the information below to answer the question
Use the information below to answer the question.
  • Acknowledged themselves as British subjects
  • Established a unit of government
  • Determined the right to create mutually beneficial laws
  • Agreed to abide by the laws created

Which document does the information describe?

    • The Mayflower Compact
    • The Declaration of Independence
    • The Treaty of Paris of 1783
    • The Treaty of Ghent

What is the significance of the Mayflower Compact?

    • It allowed for voting rights for all settlers.
    • It transferred ownership of the colony to the Puritans.
    • It provided for an even distribution of food among the colonists.
    • It established a foundation for self-government.

Which of the following groups founded Massachusetts?

    • Puritans
    • Quakers
    • Anglican ministers
    • Tobacco farmers

King Phillip’s War was an example of

    • Spain’s attempts to keep Great Britain and France out of the New World.
    • Native Americans’ efforts to drive white settlers out of Jamestown.
    • Conflict that existed between New Englanders moving west and Native Americans.
    • The struggle between the French and British for control of North America.