Govermental systems
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Govermental Systems. By: Ceni 6B. goverment.

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Govermental Systems

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Govermental Systems

By: Ceni 6B


  • Goverment is one of the leader in a certain country. Goverments leads one country in different kind of ways. Goverments will lead the country with given time and when the time ends they will change a different president. Goverments organize all of the things in the country like building,health, currency/money, the citizen and a lot more. They have hing responsible to rule the country in a good and fair way. Usually governments

  • are very secured by the military or the soldier. There are many types of politics that goverment use such as : Dictatorship, Totalitarian, Theocracy, Monarchy, Republic, Anarchy. Government are also helped by governor. Governor is the leader in a states or province. Governor helps the governments by telling news what's happening around the province/states.


  • Sukarno was the first goverment in Indonesia from 1945-1967. when the Dutch attacks Indonesia Sukarno was general militer when he was so alive in that time. For decades Sukarno was captured by the Dutch and released by the Japanese army. Sukarno and his army gather all the information of how Japan army attackes. When the war is over Japanese surrender and that is when Sukarno and his assistent Mohammad Hatta announce that 17 August 1945 is Indonesia’s independents day! Where Sukarno was elected to be the first Indonesia’s President. Since that Dutch work together and rebuild Indonesia in 1949. He also made a autocratic way called guided democrasy that sucsesfully made the communist and the soldier balence.

Functions of governments

  • Governments are used to get all the power to lead a country. They work to maintain the country so it would be stable. Governments help the citizen develop and not only that they make the country it self develop. governments are need to organize the safety, health, currency/money, soldier/police or militer, food and water supplies to be stable, transport and many more. Goverment aslo involved to promote the cauntry to others. We also needs them for solving public problems like boms or terroris.



  • Capitalism is one a way of there economy works decided by the leader it self. In this way citizen can have there own buiseness and they can buy there own house and pay freely based on there needs. But when it comes to health or there needs the goverment will not really care. Capitalism is mostly a very free and independent way of economy. One the examples are Russia, in Russia people are free to make big industries so mostly the citizen are rich.


  • Socialism is where goverments get to have the bigs industries and provides, education,savety such as police army and ect, health , farms. And the citizen just own smaller industries like a small shops. One of the example is Norway, Norway’s government have big industries like factories or international brand factories.


  • Communism is almost the same as socialism. But in communism government will do all the work such as having all the industries farm and others. So the citizen or the people needs are all under controlled by the government. The government provides building too like hospital, school and some houses. For example in Cuba governments provide school for kids and hospital every where.



  • Dictatorship is one of the most violent politics made. A leader in the country doese not care about the citizen’s opinion. It is almost like a king so that leader tell us to do this and we most do it. That leader rule every single bits from savety to citizens needs. When he or she dishanord the leader he or she can be killed by the soldier. For example in Israel the citizen needs to obey the leader.


  • Totalitarian is a way that include political party. Political part is a group of leader in one country and get a commend form the government. The political party cant give advise or opinion to the government only the government who gives commend to them. One of the example is China. But China only have one political party that gets command from the government and that political party cannot go out from the country. This way can also be used when selecting the leader.


  • Theocracy is when the rules are based on religious rules. Mostly this happened based on the most religion of the citizen. Like for example Iran most of the citizen are Islamic so they use the rules such as they must pray during noon and at sunset. Government will also let him self to allow people to do what the religion supposed to do. But for some who don’t have the same religion they can freely not do the rituals.


  • Monarchy is one of the oldest politics that we use. Monarchy only been used for a couple countries or city. Monarchy is when the country is ruled by the queen and king representative. All the citizen must obey every thing they said and when they are command to do something they must do it even though it’s challenging. One of examples is like a place called Jordan.


  • Republic is a fair way where the citizen can choose. By dividing them self into big groups and one representative voter who will be the leader for a given times. Like in USA they are divided into states and one of them are representative of being the government like Barak Obama.



  • Revolutionary is one of the way to elect a government by starting to a large or small groups like military services. That small or large must be trusted and that is when people elect them self to be the government. This happened in USA and France.


  • This almost the same as totalitarian because it includes groups. But this time the groups are divided in different interest. And mostly the interest of economic and leading people. In the group there will be the leader group and that leader group one of them can be elected for bring a president or government.


  • Democracy is a fair way to elect the president. Citizen who lived there for along time is allowed to choose the president they want or the good enough or. There will be the nominees of the president.


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