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Sierra leone update
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Sierra Leone Update. PWYP Regional Strategic Meeting 3-5 December 2005, KRIBI Joe Rahall. Politics & Security Sierra Leone is now politically stable, but is aware of the prevailing sub-regional situation e.g. Guinea & Liberia which could be a threat to its new found peace

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Sierra Leone Update

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Sierra leone update

Sierra Leone Update

PWYP Regional Strategic Meeting

3-5 December 2005, KRIBI

Joe Rahall

Contextual analysis

Politics & Security

Sierra Leone is now politically stable, but is aware of the prevailing sub-regional situation e.g. Guinea & Liberia which could be a threat to its new found peace

Current political trends and the upcoming 2007 elections needs to be carefully monitored

The marginalisation & unemployment of youth is a concern and can be exploited for ill purpose.

Economic & Social

There has been improved economic growth, and the SLPRSP has been developed and now at the implementation phase

There is increase in mining activities due to the country’s rich mineral resources such as gold, diamonds, Titanium dioxide, Bauxite, Iron ore, and recently oil and very recently there is talk of Coltan.

Export earnings from especially diamonds have increased dramatically.

Despite the increase in export earnings, people have continued to be impoverished and to live in poverty for want of a well organized extractive sector; a sector that should be open, transparent and accountable to its citizens.

Secrecy and corruption are prevalent in the extractive sector to the extent that host communities of the extractive sector have not benefited much from the exploitation of minerals in their regions.

Contextual Analysis

Extractive context background

Extractive Context / Background

  • In Sierra Leone the National Advocacy Coalition on Extractives (NACE) a body which initially started off as The Diamond Area Community Development Fund (DACDF) coalition. This initiative was as a result especially of the Blood diamonds & (NMJD) Just Mining Campaigns



  • NACE envisions a Sierra Leone society where there is sustainable extraction of natural resources for balanced development of the country while recognising and dealing with the preservation of the livelihoods of communities and the negative social and environmental consequences thereof.

Strategic goal and objectives

Strategic goal and objectives

  • The broad goal of the NACE is to ensure transparency and accountability in the generation and efficient/effective use of revenue from the extractive industry (mining, forestry, marine) in Sierra Leone.

The specific objectives of nace are to

Empower CSOs and build a critical mass of activists to engage government and companies on extractives with the view to influencing their corporate responsibilities in the interest of affected communities

Work with the government of Sierra Leone to secure the best interest of Sierra Leone in the extractive industry

Network and form coalitions and alliances with CSOs in the West Africa and Africa, as a whole, on securing the best interests of their citizens in the extractives industry.

Empower affected communities to define, articulate and defend their interests

Advocate for the Government of Sierra Leone since it has endorsed, to implement the extractive industry transparency initiative (EITI)

Work to expand the EITI to include marine, forestry and other natural resource extraction apart from mining

The Specific Objectives of NACE are to:

Key strategies and activities

This strategic plan adopts an empowering approach for CSOs, communities and government to enable them critically engage with companies and their home governments aimed at securing the best interest of Sierra Leone. Specifically and strategically the plan will

Empower communities to engage companies in articulating and defending their rights and livelihoods

Empower government (national planning, mining commission and legislature) to better play their planning and oversight and negotiation responsibilities aimed at securing the best interest of Sierra Leone

Enable NACE network with similar organisations and initiatives in west Africa and globally

Empower CSOs to critically engage companies and lobby government to begin to implement the EITI and to expand it to include all extractives like forestry and marine resources;




Green Scenery


Christian Aid


Talking Drum/SCG

Action Aid

S.L. Indigenous Miners Movement

World Vision

Community Advocacy & Development Movement

Anti Corruption Commission

Global Rights Partners for Justice

Min. of Local Govt. & Community Devt.

Min. of Mineral Resources


16. Parliamentary Committee on Mining


Areas nace intends to engage in

Areas NACE intends to engage in

  • Environmental Issues / EIAs and the Extractive Sector

  • Human Rights and the extractive sector

  • National Policies (Environment, Economic, and Mining) and the Extractive Sector

  • PRSP (Mining Component) and the Extractive Sector

  • Some capacity building for members and the communities

  • Research and Documentation

  • Education and sensitization

  • Newsletter on the keys issues around the extractive sector

  • Fund raising

Pwyp eiti civil society launch in sl

PWYP / EITI Civil Society Launch in SL

  • The EITI process and the PWYP campaign was simultaneously launched on October 22 this year in Sierra Leone by NACE.

  • NACE raised 9 key concerns at that launching ceremony for the various stakeholders interested in the sector, including the government, DFID, World Bank and European Union.

  • Key among these concerns was that GOSL should go beyond the signatory point and launch the EITI process including putting modalities in place for its effective implementation.

Country strategy for the campaign

Country Strategy for the Campaign

  • Continue campaigning for transparency and accountability in the extractive sector with both Government and corporate bodies

  • Undertake mapping and profiling of mining companies in the country

  • Research on cost benefit of revenue generated from mining in terms of revenue out and in flow – e.g. only 3.5% tax is levied on export of minerals. How adequate is this percentage?

  • Capacity building

    - tools of engagement

    - Analysis (Budget, IFIs etc)

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