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What\'s with the banana?. Name: Date:3-16-12 . About Me.

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my intrests and hobbies

I like to play video games and use computers. I also like to read fantasy books such as Eragon, and Kane chronicles. On Saturday I play chess and my rating is just over 500. I like making videos, that I don’t do a lot .I also like skiing and using cameras.

My intrests and hobbies
4 interesting facts

Skiing was first used for transportation and survival, not fun. The first skis were made with flat tips. Also it is one of the most popular winter sports globally. Also skiing was first made in 6,000 B.C Russia. Also skiing helps you burn calories.

4 interesting facts
a holiday that i enjoy

I enjoy Christmas because you get and give presents to others. It is a holiday were everybody is happy and kind to one another. Also I’m home with my family. I might just stay home and play with all my presents. Also Christmas has made many traditions, and has been around for thousands of years! One more fact is it is a sacred religious holiday.

A Holiday that I enjoy
my family

My family includes me ,my mom, my dad, my sister Meghan, and our beta fish Lila. My dad is the owner of Terra-san a disk cleaning company and he works with iPods for songs also he works with computers to help get the job done better. My mom works with my dad. My sister and I sometimes help our parents in the office. Our fish is the fourth beta fish we got all the else died . My dad!

My family
drawing of my house
Drawing of my house



description of my house

How about this wonderful house on 12 Wake Robin Road. It has a small hill but it is very nice. It is a single family house. It has a 1,488 square foot living room, and 2.0 bathrooms. There are 3 bedrooms in this house, and you have a huge yard for outdoor activities.

Description of my house

I would want to go to the Tagus rivers legendary port, and the Capital of Avila. One reason I would want to go would be I normally don’t travel and I would have use a for speaking Spanish. At the port people are supposed to be kind and friendly or simpatico/simpactica in Spanish. Also in Avila there are medieval walls Romanesque churches

spain cont

I would probably go on a boat ride at the port of the Tagus river. Also a tour of the area around Avila. Did you know that in Spain you normally don’t have breakfast at home. Or that they kiss each other on the cheek to greet or to say hello (weird to me).

Spain Cont.
what i want for my next birthday

My birthday is August 13,2000 so it is over Summer vacation. I want a aqua blue Nintendo 3ds. Also a duo case that charges the 3ds while you play it and protects it. Also I would want points for my 3ds so I can download games that I want.

What I want for my next birthday
the best thing that has ever happened to me

The best thing that has ever happened to me was my sister Meghan (yes that is how you spell her name). She acts silly and normally wants me. So of course I made a nickname that she liked but changed it was Mooper Scooper but she changed it to Mooper. She also enjoys playing some of the same games as me and is protective of me!

The best thing that has ever happened to me


Mooper defense!

a person that i admire

I admire my mother. She grew up in Grenage she only had brothers so they picked on her. Also my mom did a lot of things in the house and was very active. I admire her because she is kind, hard-working, helpful, and tries to keep everybody happy. (how my mom makes me feel ).

my best friend

My best friend is Sean. We like to talk about certain things and play video games. He likes to talk and will listen also he is good at finding me. My friend is always trying to talk to me between classes. Also my friend is so epic I gave him not one but two epic faces! Also his name is spelled the traditional Irish way.

My best friend
my future

I want to be a marine biologist in 10 years. I might discover a new aquatic animal or dive deep underwater. I might visit a dolphin pod, or see a great white shark. One interesting fact is that they get to explore the ocean with different aquatic animals.

My future

My favorite websites are Ninjakiwi, Minecraft, and Netflix. I like Ninjakiwi because it has my favorite TD game Bloons Tower Defense 5 (BTD5). I like Minecraft because it is an epic game were you fight monsters and can create anything you want! I like Netflix because I can stream movies and shows instantly to my kindle or laptop.

christopher poalini

He is my favorite author he made the Inheritance Cycle. He was homeschooled and he made many visits to the library and read widely. His series first starts in a place similar to his home in Paradise Valley and near the Beartooh MT. In his series it starts in Palancer Valley, near a mountain as well. The Inheritance Cycle has 4 books Eragon, Eldest, Brisngr, and Inheritance.

Christopher poalini
my drawing
My Drawing

Gleaders Heart of hearts

Brisngr, Risa, Stener, Eka, agua, Shurtagle, Elda.