photo essay by leslie compton
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Photo Essay By: Leslie Compton

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Photo Essay By: Leslie Compton - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Photo Essay By: Leslie Compton.

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This is the story of a 7 year old boy named Chace Compton. Chace was diagnosed with cancer on May 8, 2008. It was a tough time considering we had a lot going on at the moment. After we found this all out, Chace liked to sleep a lot. And he usually slept with his hands laying out of the bed.


Since then we have been going to the clinic and Kosairs Children Hospital in Louisville. Every time, he would have to get a shot in his port by Amy. He never really liked the shots. But good thing numbing medicine came in handy. After that he always got beads to keep everything on track.


But before he gets his shots, he must get his finger pricked to test his blood pressure. He used to cry over it because it hurt pretty bad. But now a days, he has became our brave little solider. His favorite band-aid is the yellow crayola crayon. But it’s been rough on us all.


When Chace gets his port accessed, they is a long needle. Attached to that needle is a long tube to put all of his medicine into. Usually we put this numbing cream on the port spot. Did I mention it doesn’t always work? But we love him for being strong.


The day I went up to Louisville with them was a day the cream didn’t work. He is still our brave little solider and always will be, But when he gets that needle in his upper right hand shoulder, you know it’s going to hurt! He trys his very best to stay strong. And we are proud of him.


Friday November 12, 2010 The family and I went to Camp Courageous in Scottsville. It’s a camp where little kids who have illness’ to come and have fun and act like a normal child. They have lots of fun and different activities there. One was tye-dye and Chace absolutely loved it. “ Man, I could live here!” Chace announced.


Chace’s favorite place at Camp Courageous was the Arts-and-Crafts building. They had a bunch of things going on in there. From woodshop, to cooking, to beauty shop, and then there was arts-n-crafts. Chace was overly obsessed with woodshop. But when he had to wait on something, one thing he liked to do was play Gold Fish. “You can call me Master.” He told Daniel, his counselor for the weekend.


When everything is closed for “Siesta”, Chace would always want to go outside. He isn\'t the ‘Sit down and stay still’ type of 7 year old. He always wanted an excuse to go out the den. Although he loves the outdoors, he always wanted to go do outside activities. Whether it was cold or hot.


Our very last day there on November 14th, he wanted to do all outside activities. We went fishing and paddle boating. Chace was upset that he had to leave, but we heard about this fire pit that a friend of ours built. Chace wanted to go see it. We took him there and he loved the way it was built. “It’s beautiful!” He told us.


Although through all of the illness, he is still up and running strong. We are so proud of out little 7 year old boy. The good news to hear is July 11th, 2011, Chace’s cancer will be gone. Another amazing fact about that is, that is the day before his 8th birthday. We can not wait for these fantastic days to come. We stay strong though whatever obstacle we have to face. And cancer was our biggest. He is doing healthy and doing great right now. We love you Tyler Chace Compton!