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BEFORE THE BELL : Write this “Need to Know” list somewhere! (Relationships Unit Test FRIDAY.) - values -character -5 types of family structures (extended, etc.) - abstinence -another word for abstinence (abstain) -list 3-4 risk behaviors you can abstain from

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Write this “Need to Know” list somewhere! (Relationships Unit Test FRIDAY.)



-5 types of family structures (extended, etc.)


-another word for abstinence (abstain)

-list 3-4 risk behaviors you can abstain from

-6 Pillars of Character (Be able to define each!)

-Be able to list 3 dating limits you have.



Ground Rules

-Appropriate and mature behavior/comments is expected.

-Anatomical terms will be used.

-Questions that might involve values, ethics, beliefs, etc. I will not answer but will refer home.

Select a cup from the table. Do not smell, taste, or touch the liquid inside.

(Those individuals who do not have self-control will be removed from the activity.)

I will give you 90 seconds in which you may share the liquid in your cup with other people in the class, gain liquid from other people, or choose not to share or give. (DO NOT SPILL ANY LIQUID ON MY CARPET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

When I say stop, you need to return to your desk with your cup.

What are STIs? the liquid inside.

Sexually transmitted infections (STIs) are infections spread person to person through sexual contact.

Pg. 143

  • What You Should Know About STIs the liquid inside.

    • Most STIs are spread only through sexual contact.

    • You cannot tell if someone has an STI by his/her appearance.

    • A person with an STI may have no symptoms.

    • Many STIs can be treated, but early diagnosis is vital.

Pg. 143

Pg. 143

Common STIs identified.


-Genital Herpes

-Genital Warts


-Nongonococcal Urethritis

-Pelvic Inflammatory Disease


Pg. 143


School Lunch Video Guide

Disease Unit Case Study Folder

Family Drawing

Dating Questionnaire

ME Brochure

If you are missing any of these…they are due FRIDAY 4/27!! Anything not turned in, will remain a zero.

TO DO: identified.

Complete questions on pg. 144.

Work on your Magic Squares. DUE FRIDAY.