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Rogers review
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Rogers Review. Prioritising Local Regulatory Services. Terms of Reference. The review will: Define the policy areas (and their enforcement mechanisms) that come under the remit of local authority regulatory services,

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Rogers Review

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Rogers review

Rogers Review

Prioritising Local Regulatory Services

Terms of reference

Terms of Reference

The review will:

  • Define the policy areas (and their enforcement mechanisms) that come under the remit of local authority regulatory services,

  • Collect and collate the evidence on the relative priority of these policy areas for central government, local citizens and business, and

  • Make recommendations on around five policy areas that are central government priorities for local authorities, based on their level of risk, political priority and the perceptions of citizens and business.

    In doing this, the review will work with central government departments, independent regulators, local authorities, citizens and businesses, and will report at Budget 2007.

Context why this why now

Context: why this, why now

  • Hampton review of regulatory inspection and enforcement:

    • Recognised the importance of local regulation- over 80% of all inspections carried out are by LAs

    • Recommended

      • risk-based enforcement

      • Compliance code

      • A regulatory body to co-ordinate and bolster LA enforcement activity

Updating hampton from enforcement to compliance

Updating Hampton: from enforcement to compliance

  • Chancellor published update and made new recommendations to speed the pace of change in Pre-Budget Announcement (Nov 2006)

    • Establishing LBRO within Cabinet Office

    • Appointing Peter Rogers to lead a review to recommend a small number of national priorities for local regulators

Why the need for priorities

Why the need for priorities?

  • Local authorities have been calling for Whitehall to clarify expectations

  • EH/ TS services are expected to enforce in huge numbers of areas and hundreds of pieces of legislation

  • Difficult to plan services or enter into partnerships to target specific areas

What will the priorities mean

What will the priorities mean?

  • The objective of the process is to provide clarity around expectations

  • The outcome will help local authorities plan their resources

  • Priorities will not be a reason for any local authority to stop meeting the minimum enforcement level set out in domestic or European law for any activity where there is a statutory obligation

  • It may mean local authorities will be able to spend less time on some activities or find alternative ways of fulfilling their obligations

  • Priorities will be updated regularly

Process getting to five priorities

Process: Getting to five priorities

Identification of policy areas

Sanity check by

LA/ professional


LA views

Sifting down to 24 policy areas








Detailed discussions

with departments etc





Detailed cases made for

those 24 policy

areas by 5 Departments and

3 agencies

5 national priorities

On what basis did we sift

On what basis did we sift?

  • The level of risk or harm that the enforcement of law aims to prevent

  • The effectiveness of enforcement activity in reducing the impact

  • The number of complaints/ demands for service

  • The legal status of the requirement

  • Whether the policy areas fit in with an area deemed to be politically important

Criteria for getting to 5 priorities

Criteria for getting to 5 priorities

Each area will be judged against each other and the following considered:

  • The level of risk or harm that the enforcement of law aims to prevent and the impact that regulation can have on that risk

  • The views of local authorities, business and the public

  • The degree of political priority afforded to the area by Whitehall

Outputs of the review

Outputs of the review

  • The review will recommend:

    • 5 national enforcement priorities and

    • Will provide LA with detailed information on the other areas regarding:

      • Risk and its geographical spread

      • Political priority

      • Views of public

        to assist LA in their own decision-making

Contact details

Contact details

  • In the first instance come through the Secretariat:

  • Suzanne Redding 020 7276 2530

  • Gordon Maddan020 7276 2571

  • Faye Melly020 7276 6030

  • Helen McColm020 7276 1299

  • Robyn Fairman020 7279 0954

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