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Welcome to Using MyFolio. Content About MyFolio  Deleting a row Suggested uses  Fine tuning & saving your work MyFolio folders  About data fields MyFolio grids  Using a text field Finding MyFolio  Uploading a document ( eg , Word, PPT, or . pdf )

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Welcome to Using MyFolio

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Welcome to Using MyFolio


  • About MyFolioDeleting a row

  • Suggested usesFine tuning & saving your work

  • MyFolio foldersAbout data fields

  • MyFolio gridsUsing a text field

  • Finding MyFolioUploading a document (eg, Word, PPT, or .pdf)

  • Turning off your pop-up blockerUploading an image (eg, .jpg or.gif)

  • MyFolio home page & folder listUsing a date picker

  • About iconsDownloading your portfolio

  • EDIT MODEMy Folio tips … important!

  • Adding a new rowMore MyFolio tips

  • Entering data into a rowEnlarging the screen

  • Editing windowLogging out

  • Updating your dataIf you need help

About MyFolio

What is MyFolio? My Folio is your personal portfolio in E*Value. It functions like an virtual file cabinet that stores information about you.

How will students use MyFolio? Students will use MyFolio to document academic, personal, and community service achievements. Users can add to their portfolio at any time, and there no limit to the volume of information that can be stored.

Suggested uses for MyFolio

MyFolio can be used to …

  • capture academic & other achievements

  • support course requirements

  • support an application for employment

    Are all student profiles the same? NO.All students will use a portfolio that contains several virtual folders, but each student group (baccalaureate, master’s & doctoral) will use a portfolio that’s been cust0mized for their unique needs.

    Who controls the content of MyFolio? YOU DO! Each user (called a MyFolio Owner) controls the information that’s entered into their own portfolio.

Is MyFolio easy to use?

You don’t have to be a tech wizard to use MyFolio.Do you know how to attach a document to an e-mail, type or edit text, copy & paste text, use a drop down list, or select a date from a date picker?

If the answer is YES, then you have all the skills you need to use MyFolio.

MyFolio folders

MyFolio contains a list of folders organized by topic. Users enter data by first selecting a folder to work in. The folder list below appears in the current generic Master’s student portfolio. More folders can be added as the need arises …

My CredentialsMy Organizational Memberships

My Curriculum VitaeMy Presentations

My Clinical PracticeMy Publications

My Student Leadership RolesMy Research

My Awards & HonorsMy Professional Growth

My Community Service

MyFolio grids

MyFolio folders include grids where users enter data.All folders (except one) contain at least one grid. Build your portfolio by adding rows of data to each grid.

Grids are designed to give users different ways to enter data.

 Each grid contains fields that allow users to enter different types of data.

 Some fields are for free-text data (just type it in) while others allow the user to attach a document or picture. Still other fields provide the user with a drop down list of choices or a date picker to select a date.

Finding MyFolio

Brightly colored graphic icons open different functionalities (things you can do) that are available to E*Value users. *Click the My Profile icon to open a row of choices.

*Click MyFolioto open a Viewbox, then click MyFolioto open your portfolio.

Don’t forget to turn off your pop-up blocker

How do I turn off my pop-up blocker? It’s really very easy. Simple instructions for turning off your pop-up blocker are provided for Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox users…

E*Values uses a lot of pop-ups, so you must turn off your browser’s pop-up blocker in order to view pop-up windows or complete tasks.

Turning off your pop-up blocker using Internet Explorer

  • Login to E*Value.

  • Go to the Toolsdropdown on the Internet Explorer toolbar.

  • Select Pop-up Blocker, then Turn Off Pop-up Blocker.

Turning off your pop-up blocker using Mozilla Firefox

  • Login to E*Value.

  • Go to Toolson the Mozilla Firefox toolbar, and select Options.

  • From the Options window, select Content, uncheckBlock pop-up windows, then click OK.

MyFolio home page & folder list

When you open MyFolio, you’ll see a home page that displays a welcome message, basic instructions for use, and the folder list. Click on a folder name to begin entering data.

Click a portfolio name to open the folder list

(the portfolio name will be highlighted in yellow).

In the example at left, the list of folders in the Master’s Student portfolio is visible.

* * * * * * * * * *

Some students have more than one portfolio to work in. If that applies to you, follow instructions from your course faculty so you’ll know which portfolio to use.

Note that a Nursing Admin Only portfolio is also available to this student.

About icons

Icons control user actions. Mouse over an icon to see what it does.

Add a new row to the grid

Update grid row data

Delete this grid row

Note:If an icon is ‘grayed out’ on your screen, it means that the action has been locked to prevent users from making accidental changes.

Before you can enter data, MyFolio must be in EDIT MODE

User actions (like data entry) in MyFolio are controlled by icons. You must be in edit mode to make the icons viewable.

  • Click the Folder Tools tab in the upper right corner of the folder window.

  • From the drop-down list, click the EDIT MYFOLIO icon (looks like a pencil).

  • E*Value will refresh, an EDIT MODE watermark will appear in the background, and the icons you need to work in your portfolio will be visible in each grid.

Edit Mode … an example

This example shows the Presentations folder opened in EDIT MODE. Note the diagonal edit mode watermark in the background along with the action icons.

Adding a new row using the icon

Go to the end of the grid’s title row, and click the Add a New Row to the Grid icon (looks like a green arrow).

Entering data into a row using the icon

Go to the far right end of the new blank row, and click the Update Grid Row Data icon (looks like a pencil).

The editing window … a blank slate

Clicking the Update Grid Row Data icon opens an editing window. This is where you enter & update data.

  • In this example (using the My Presentations folder), the editing window displays all the data entry fields that are available.

  • Title of Presentationis a text box where you can type and edit information. The Comments field also uses a text box format.

  • Type of Presentation and My Role allow you to choose from a drop down list. Click the down arrow to reveal the choices.

  • Date of Presentation is where you can either select a date using the date picker or type the date (use the mm/dd/yyyy format).

  • Supporting D0cument can be used to upload (attach) a Word document, PPT presentation, or scanned document (.pdf).

  • Image can be used to upload (attach) a .jpg or .gif file.

Updating data using the icon

Go to the end of the row you wish to update, and click the Update Grid Row Dataicon (looks like a pencil) to open the editing window. Make your changes, and click Save Grid Row. E*Value will refresh, and your changes will be saved.

Deleting a row using the icon

Go to the end of the row you wish to delete, and click the Delete this Grid Row icon (looks like a red arrow). E*Value will refresh, and the row will disappear.

Delete this grid row

Note: You cannot delete the only row in a grid. If you want to delete it, simply add a new row, then delete the original row.

Fine tuning & saving your work

To change the placement of a row (eg, making it the First row in a grid instead of the Last row), go to Row Placement (located near the bottom of the edit window) to make your selection.

When you’ve finished adding/editing data or changing row placement, go to the bottom of the editing window and click Save Grid Row. E*Value will refresh, and the changes you made will appear. If you decide not to proceed, click Go Back/Cancel.

About data fields

MyFolio grids contain different types of fields for data entry. Here’s a brief overview …

Using a text field

To enter or edit text, place your cursor in the field window, and type as usual. You can customize your text using many of the editing options available in MS Word. The example below shows a text entry entered into the Comments field.

You may also copy & paste text from another document.

When you’re finished, click Save Grid Row. E*Value will refresh, and your text entry will appear in the data row.

Uploading (attaching) a document

Some fields allow the user to upload documents (eg, Word), presentation files (eg, PPT), and scanned documents (eg, .pdf). For example, in the Supporting Document field, click the edit icon (looks like a pencil). A pop-up window will appear.

Click Browse to search for a document in your computer. Select the document & click Open.

Click Upload D0cument.

The document’s filepath/name will appear in the Upload New File bar.

When you’re finished, click Save Grid Row. E*Value will refresh, and a link to your document will appear in the data row.

Document name will appear here

Uploading (attaching) an image

Some fields allow the user to upload images (eg, .jpg & .gif files).

For example, in the Image field, click the edit icon (looks like a pencil). A pop-up window will appear.

Click Browse to search for an image in your computer. Select the image & click Open.

Click Upload Image (or Cancel).

The image’s filepath/name will appear in the Select Image bar.

When you’re finished, click Save Grid Row. E*Value will refresh, and your image will appear in the data row.

Image name will appear here

Using a date picker

Some fields allow the user to select a date using a date picker (or mini-calendar).

For example, in the Date of Presentation field, click the calendar icon. A pop-up window will appear.

  • Use the back & forward arrows (<< or >>) to select the month and year. Pick a day from the mini-calendar. E*Value will refresh, and the date you selected will appear in the data row.

  • You can also type the date in the white bar that appears adjacent to the calendar icon. You must use the mm/dd/yyyy format.

Downloading your portfolio

Downloading means copying E*Value’s virtual files to a destination (or storage location) on your computer, flash drive, or other storage media.

You may download your portfolio at any time.

The download process zips (compresses) your virtual files. You must unzip (uncompress) them to make the files viewable.

  • Go to the folder list on the left side of your portfolio, open MYFOLIO TOOLS, and click Download MyFolio. Follow the directions for the browser you’re using.

  • E*Value provides download directions for Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, and Google Chrome.

Preparing your portfolio for download

When you click Download MyFolio, a pop-up window appears. Wait while E*Value downloads your portfolio. …

Saving your portfolio

After E*Value finishes the download, a new pop-up window appears. Scroll down to read the directions, then Click here to save your portfolio.

Downloading tips …

  • Naming your portfolio. During the download process, E*Value automatically assigns a unique name to the file. It appears as a string of letters and numbers. Suggest you re-name the file to something meaningful to you.

  • Unzipping your files. To unzip your files, double-click the file name to open it, then select Extract All Files. A pop-up window will appear; select Extract. This action will unzip your files so they appear like they do in E*Value.

MyFolio tips … these are important

Build your portfolio by adding rows of data

  • Add a new row to describe each unique event or activity.

    Eg: If you attended 3 professional development activities, you should create 3 rows of data (1 row for each activity).

  • Edit the row to reflect changes.

  • DO NOT describe multiple events or activities in the same row.

    About folders

  • Build your portfolio using only the folders & grids created by your E*Value Administrator.

  • DO NOT create folders on your own because they will notbe viewable by the faculty.

    About documents

  • If you wish to edit a document that you’ve uploaded to MyFolio, edit it at the primary source (ie, your hard drive).

More MyFolio tips

I can’t open MyFolio…now what?

  • Make sure that your pop-up blocker is off.

  • Scroll to the bottom of your E*Value Home Page to find a list of roles assigned to you. If you don’t see MyFolio Owner on that list, contact your E*Value Administrator.

Enlarging the screen

Click the Show/Hide tab to hide the folder list. That will allow MyFolio to fill the entire screen.

Click the tab again to show the folder list again.

Logging out

  • Log Out. Click the My Account button at the top right side of your E*Value Home Page, then click Log out.

  • Auto logout.If E*Value detects lack of user activity within a certain timeframe (30 minutes for student users), you will be logged out automatically.

If you need help … people resources

People Resources at the LSUHSC School of Nursing

For questions about your account or if you need help to complete a task, contact:

Toni CascioE*Value Administrator(504) 568-4401 or [email protected]

Richard SmithE*Value Co-Administrator(504) 568-5078 or [email protected]

For technical questions about network access or hardware issues, contact:

Richard SmithInformation Technology Analyst (504) 568-5078 or [email protected]

If you need help … online resources

Tutorials …

  • https://www.e-value.net… go to the User Help section of your E*Value Home Page. Click to open tutorials created by your E*Value Administrator.

    Online Resources …

  • https://www.e-value.net… click the Help button in the upper right corner of your E*Value Home Page. You can search different topics or open FAQ’s created by Advanced Informatics.

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