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Welcome. Teacher Introduction. Md. Shahidullah Mondol Assistant Teacher (Computer) I.D No-10 Battali Girl’s High School. Bhimpur , Naogaon- Sadar , Naogaon. Mobail No-01714474510. Introduction of lesson. Class :- viii Subject :- English 2 nd paper.

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Teacher Introduction

Md. ShahidullahMondol

Assistant Teacher (Computer)

I.D No-10

Battali Girl’s High School.

Bhimpur, Naogaon-Sadar, Naogaon.

Mobail No-01714474510

Introductionof lesson

Class :- viii

Subject:- English 2nd paper

Unit:-one, Lesson:- one

Time:- 10:00 -1o:45

  • See the following sentences.

He is a good boy. What is your name? Close your book. Do not run in the sun. How beautiful the bird is!

Todays lesson is,


Learning out comes/objectives

By the end of the lesson students will have-

(a) What is sentence?

(b) How many parts of sentences?

(c) State the name of the sentences.

Individual work

Time- 3 minutes.

How many parts of the sentence?

Solution of individual work.

There are two parts of the sentence.

Pair work

State the name of the following sentences.

(a) What is your name?

(b) What a fool you are!

(c) He is ill.

(d) Read the book.

(e) May you live long.

Solution of pair work

(a) Exclamatorysentence

(b) Interrogative sentence

(c) Assertive sentence

(d) Imperative sentence

(e) Optative sentence

Group work

  • work

Write some sentences and make a dialogue between you and Doctor.

Solution of group work

Myself: May I come in sir.

Doctor: Please sit down. What is your name?

Myself : Thank you. My name is Kamal.

Doctor: How old are you?

Myself : I’am fourteen yours old.

Doctor: What’s your problem?

Myself : I’ve been suffering from fever for last 5days.

Doctor: Please lie down on the bed………………


(1) How many parts of the sentence?

(i) 2 (ii) 3 (iii) 4 (iv) 5

(2) How many kinds of sentence?

(i) 3 (ii) 4 (iii) 5 (iv) 6

(3) What kind of following sentence?

He is not a bad man.

(i)Affirmative sentence

(ii) Negative sentence

(iii) Both

(iv) none

Home work

Now, make a paragraph about on “Tree plantation.”