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Marriage. Divorce. Monogamy. Cohabitation. Functionalist view of the family. Familial ideology. Warm bath theory. New Right. Complete the gap fill to give a summary of the New Right view of the family. What do the statistics show is happening to marriage trends?

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Presentation Transcript

What do the statistics show is happening to marriage trends? view of the family

What reasons are there for these changes?

Marriage & Marital breakdown

Six main trends changes to family
Six Main Trends/Changes to family view of the family

What do you think these are?

  • Marriage

  • Divorce

  • Family size

  • Lone parent families

  • Cohabitation

  • Single person households

Six main trends changes to family1
Six Main Trends/Changes to family view of the family

  • Read through your handout out lining each of these recent trends

  • Highlight the key statistics

    (using these in essays gets you top marks)

Main causes for changes
Main Causes for changes view of the family

  • 7 main causes for the changing trends in the family

  • In pairs match the term to its definition

  • Check your answers on the handout

SECULARISATION view of the family

  • The weakening of traditional religious beliefs and practices, mainly concerning sexual morality, especially in communities that were previously Christian

RELATIVISM view of the family

  • The view that different types of people are entitled to lead different lifestyles, instead of following a prescribed pattern upheld as absolutely right.

INDIVIDUALISM view of the family

  • People are encouraged to seek personal happiness; obligations to please wider kin are less pressing than in the past

GLOBALISATION view of the family

  • Increased immigration from beyond Europe since the Second World War, bringing distinctive family patterns and moral attitudes

Demographic changes
DEMOGRAPHIC CHANGES view of the family

  • People live longer, healthier lives, feminisation of the workforce, increased age that women have children at, ageing population.

Extended education
EXTENDED EDUCATION view of the family

  • Experienced by more young people, prolonging their financial dependence on parents

Liberation movements
LIBERATION MOVEMENTS view of the family

  • Women, homosexuals, youths and the elderly have campaigned for enhanced rights and dignity

Create your poster
Create your poster view of the family

  • In groups create a poster explaining how the issue you pick explains as many changes in family structure as possible

  • Each group will present this back to the rest of the class

  • Eg Liberation Movements

Plenary view of the family

  • Multiple choice quiz

  • Complete your handout

Homework due
Homework DUE!! view of the family

  • A number of people owe me a number of pieces of work

  • These need to be completed

  • Mandatory lunch time sessions for every student who owes me any piece of work until all have been completed.

Trends in families households
Trends in families & households view of the family

Complete your handout

  • At least 6 trends (changes)

    e.g. decline of nuclear family

  • At least 7 causes

    e.g. – liberation movements

    Try to use as much terminology as possible

    If you were absent from yesterday’s lesson you will still be able to complete this task

A brief history of divorce law
A brief history of divorce law view of the family

  • Read through your handout

Key sociological studies
Key sociological studies view of the family

  • Revision cards

News reports
News Reports! view of the family

  • Now create a short news report explaining what your shocking trend is

  • Include causes, evidence and policy surrounding it

  • Remember it’s a news report, so think of a catchy headline!!

News reports1
News Reports view of the family

  • Present your news report to the class

  • The rest of the class take notes - a new work sheet for each news report

Family trends pictionary
Family Trends Pictionary view of the family

Design a front cover for your trends handbook

Lesson 3

Lesson 3 view of the family

Backs to the board
Backs to the board view of the family

  • One person will sit with their back to the board

  • The rest of the team will try to explain the word on the board behind them

  • They have to say the word to get a point for their team

Relativism view of the family

Globalisation view of the family

Liberation Movements view of the family

Demographic changes view of the family

Individualism view of the family

Secularisation view of the family

Essay plan
Essay plan view of the family

Homework mlt 3
Homework – MLT 3 view of the family

  • Using your notes &

  • The sociological factsheet create a mastery learning test on the changing trends in families & households

  • At least 10 questions state the marks available