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Marriage. Divorce. Monogamy. Cohabitation. Functionalist view of the family. Familial ideology. Warm bath theory. New Right. Complete the gap fill to give a summary of the New Right view of the family. What do the statistics show is happening to marriage trends?

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Functionalist view of the family

Familial ideology

Warm bath theory

New Right

Complete the gap fill to give a summary of the New Right view of the family

What do the statistics show is happening to marriage trends?

What reasons are there for these changes?

Marriage & Marital breakdown

Six Main Trends/Changes to family

What do you think these are?

  • Marriage

  • Divorce

  • Family size

  • Lone parent families

  • Cohabitation

  • Single person households

Six Main Trends/Changes to family

  • Read through your handout out lining each of these recent trends

  • Highlight the key statistics

    (using these in essays gets you top marks)

What do you think has caused these changes to occur?

Main Causes for changes

  • 7 main causes for the changing trends in the family

  • In pairs match the term to its definition

  • Check your answers on the handout


  • The weakening of traditional religious beliefs and practices, mainly concerning sexual morality, especially in communities that were previously Christian


  • The view that different types of people are entitled to lead different lifestyles, instead of following a prescribed pattern upheld as absolutely right.


  • People are encouraged to seek personal happiness; obligations to please wider kin are less pressing than in the past


  • Increased immigration from beyond Europe since the Second World War, bringing distinctive family patterns and moral attitudes


  • People live longer, healthier lives, feminisation of the workforce, increased age that women have children at, ageing population.


  • Experienced by more young people, prolonging their financial dependence on parents


  • Women, homosexuals, youths and the elderly have campaigned for enhanced rights and dignity

Create your poster

  • In groups create a poster explaining how the issue you pick explains as many changes in family structure as possible

  • Each group will present this back to the rest of the class

  • Eg Liberation Movements


  • Multiple choice quiz

  • Complete your handout

Homework DUE!!

  • A number of people owe me a number of pieces of work

  • These need to be completed

  • Mandatory lunch time sessions for every student who owes me any piece of work until all have been completed.

Trends in families & households

Complete your handout

  • At least 6 trends (changes)

    e.g. decline of nuclear family

  • At least 7 causes

    e.g. – liberation movements

    Try to use as much terminology as possible

    If you were absent from yesterday’s lesson you will still be able to complete this task

A brief history of divorce law

  • Read through your handout

Key sociological studies

  • Revision cards

News Reports!

  • Now create a short news report explaining what your shocking trend is

  • Include causes, evidence and policy surrounding it

  • Remember it’s a news report, so think of a catchy headline!!

News Reports

  • Present your news report to the class

  • The rest of the class take notes - a new work sheet for each news report

Family Trends Pictionary

Design a front cover for your trends handbook

Lesson 3

Backs to the board

  • One person will sit with their back to the board

  • The rest of the team will try to explain the word on the board behind them

  • They have to say the word to get a point for their team



Liberation Movements

Demographic changes



Essay plan

Homework – MLT 3

  • Using your notes &

  • The sociological factsheet create a mastery learning test on the changing trends in families & households

  • At least 10 questions state the marks available


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